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Answered: What time may 21 2011 will the end come?

The most annoying thing about these people who set dates for the "rapture" (by the way, the "rapture" isn't even Biblical) is that they cause many people to turn away from the truth that we ARE living ...

Answered: Is this God's way of communicating something to ...

Yes, God does communicate to us through dreams and visions... Joel 2:28-29 ...'And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters ...

Answered: How do I get a WiFi password for my Kindle Touch

Where are you trying to use the Kindle? At home? Then you need to have wireless setup at home. If you do have wireless at home, you should have a security key (password) for your wifi network ...

Answered: I want to print out certain posts from a message ...

Copy the text you want to print and paste it into a Word document. Then you can print it. Or, just highlight the text you want to print. Right click and select "print", and make sure the print ...

Answered: I recently got a laptop and do not know what ...

Not really enough info in your question to know what is happening. Is this a new laptop? Is it an old laptop? What laptop is it? What are the errors? And what drivers are you trying to install ...

Answered: What are ghost files and its purpose ?

Ghost files are images of computer hard drives that can be used to build many computers with the same image from one computer. You need a program like Norton Ghost to use these files.

Answered: Are YOU Surprised at Apple's Earning?

No, not surprised at their earnings. When you pay the chinese who make your products peanuts and cause them to work in awful conditions, and sell your products at huge prices, then it's easy to make ...

Answered: Lo - scriptually speaking

There are two Greek words in the New Testament for "lo". "idou" and "ide" And they both mean "behold, look, see".

Answered: What SHOULD We Do About Iran?

What should we do? Nothing! What is Iran doing to us? Nothing! How about asking what we should be doing to America for the millions of God's little children that are being aborted every year!!

Answered: Will Israel Attack Iran?

What will happen if they do? Expect to pay a lot more for fuel. What will happen if they don't? America will.


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