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Answered: What store sells prismacolor color pencils?

I absolutely love Hobby Lobby! Trish, you seem to really know Hobby Lobby products!

Answered: How would a woman commit to you?

With marriage or going steady, at least that was how it was in my day.

Answered: Brooke on a pole?

I do not understand Hollywood these days. Kids have no respect for themselves of their parents.

Answered: What color goes with pale green

Perhaps a darker green or a dark blue?

Answered: Will

Either ask their significant other or their lawyer. Is there anyone who might be very close to them like a child that they spoke to about their will? Ask different family members. I hope this helpsJ

Answered: Beard question

It has to do with your genes. When you look at the men in your family do they have facial hair? I think men look much more handsome with a clean shaved face:)

Asked: Good for God

How does God know if we are good or bad? Can he see in our soul?

Answered: What causes lower leg swelling, purple skin, water ...

Swelling and purple skin might be a sign of poor blood flow or bruising (fluid retention). Speak to your doctor, it sounds that he would be able to give you better understanding.

Answered: What does bpdc mean ?

It is a type of stitch. It stands for Back Post Double Crochet. Go here to see pictures of the stitch.

Answered: Sitter

I have found caretakers on craigslist . You can search someone by city, and post an ad on the site.



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