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Asked: How do you approach a girl??

For all guyz out there, how do you approach a girl you see in a street or anything. Is there a proper way? Any comments will be appreciated. You can also give some links.. thanks.

Answered: Poems for wedding invitation?

Try this site.. I search in the Google. There are really lot's of wedding poems there.. Hope it helps..

Answered: Reception announcement order

I think the groom will be the last. Remember that this party is for the couple not for he family of the bride..

Answered: Wedding receptions off 30A near santa rosa ...

You forgot to mention your location. We can't tell any good place for reception near to you if you don't tell us your location or the location you want the reception held.

Answered: What do I wear to a winter wedding reception?

You forget to tell us your age.. I think you must also consider this in choosing the right dress for the reception. And I think, Phoebelu is right, you must also consider the time of the ...

Answered: Designate dance area for wedding reception

Just create a space in the middle of the venue. I think it is best if the space is in fromt of the sound system. The guest will definitely know that that space is the dance floor..

Answered: Rooney Wedding Photos

Well, There are really lot's of choices.. I think I will choose the city of Prague. I really like that places.. I will choose the oldest church there..

Answered: Ideas for sexy and unique wedding shoes?

I can recommend you any good sexy wedding shoes because I don't have any idea of what kind of foot do you have ^_^. I think in buying shoes, it's really best that you will buy it personally. It hard ...

Answered: Wedding announcement wording samples?

Check out this article.. Maybe it can help you construct your article in a proper way.. Read some guidelines and tips there.. This will ...

Answered: Funny wedding toasts, humorous wedding toasts

Thanks for letting su know the site. This will be a big help for those bestman who want there wedding toast become funny. It's really best that he best man of your wedding is really funny. No need to ...

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