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Answered: Who should replace Regis Philbin?

Any unknown who has real opinions, not ones that are paid for.

Answered: Are Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock Shacking Up?

I think they both deserve to find happiness and if they've found it with each other, more power to them. Not many people can say they've found love at work.

Answered: How many hours a week do you work?

I work 3 jobs, and each job varies. Usually, I'm working close to 60 hours a week. It sucks but I have bills to pay.

Answered: Will Tom And Katie Boycott the Oscars?

They're boycotting the Awards and using the excuse that Anne Hathaway insulted them, but the reality is that Katie and Tom's acting has gone down the toilet and if by chance they were nominated for ...

Answered: What Do You Think of LeAnn Rimes Engagement To ...

I don't agree with how they got together because people were hurt. They will forever be branded as cheaters and liars, but at least they will have each other.

Answered: Can you use an ionic hair straightener with the ...

I wouldn't recommend it, as it can really dry out your hair and cause severe damage.

Answered: How can i buy klaron lotion?

It looks like you can buy it at Drugs Depot.

Answered: Jam sessions this week-end?

You might try checking the local ads on . Good luck!

Answered: What channel and what time is 10 Things I Hate ...

I don't subscribe to Direct TV but I'm guessing you can contact customer service and they can tell you the channel number.

Answered: Blake Lively and Penn Badgely have broken up!

Rumor has it she was out with Leonardo Dicaprio and a few other people. Who knows if they were talking business or pleasure. She is very pretty and has had some very positive feedback from her role as ...