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Married to my best friend, Ohad, and mom to 6 kids - 4 girls and 2 boys - Hadas, Matan, Lilach, Abigail, Nomi & Yirmi.

I work freelance as a usability & SEO consultant and I also do some technical writing. Someday I hope to write a book (or more than one) that doesn't include the words "install" and  "settings". In the meantime, I'm happy that I don't have to wake up to go to work in the morning, thrilled that all my kids sleep through the night and hoping to get some new ideas going.

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Commented: About Rachel Inbar's answer

Yup, that's me :-) I had a bit of a problem with the playback and I had to keep the kids quiet at the same time... I used to sing in a choir, but now I just sing for my kids before they go to sleep. I ...

Answered: Do you like singing?

I love singing and I have a video hiding out there somewhere on Youtube :-) Rachel

Answered: Irregular Cycles?

Generally, ovulation occurs 14 days before you get your period. It does, however, vary sometimes. Rachel Inbar

Answered: I am five and a half weeks pregnant and my fetus ...

I don't know why your question reached me only now & I'm sure that by now you have your answer. Usually around six weeks, a heartbeat is visible by ultrasound. Hoping all's well with you, Rachel ...

Answered: If my due date is april 15th, when did i conceive?

Hi - It's likely that your period was around July 8th and that you conceived around July 22nd. This is based on the assumption that your cycle is 28 days. In that case, your ovulation would have been ...

Answered: I donated my eggs to my sister inlaw, it was a ...

I believe there's a misunderstanding here - the eggs must have been donated to her husband's sister...

Answered: Took 2 hpt yesterday both being positive. not ...

Hi, The results of HPTs are considered very accurate. Follow up with a doctor's visit, of course. Congratulations :-) Rachel Inbar

Answered: I had ivf treatment 3rd time, third time ...

Hi, Unfortunately, a negative test - as long as it's been long enough since the transfer - is pretty conclusive. After 2 full weeks from transfer, I would consider a negative the final answer for the ...

Answered: What should be the egg size to do iui

Sorry for the late response - in my personal experience with IUI , I found the size of the follicle to be around 20mm before the ovum was ready to be released. Good luck! Rachel Inbar

Answered: TEST REPORT for hoping to baby.

Go back to your doctor with these results. I am sure that s/he will have information that will be of help to you. All the best, Rachel Inbar



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