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So I got me a pen and a paper, and I made up my own little sign. I said, "Thank you Lord, for thinkin' about me, I'm alive and doin' fine."
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Smile  I'm Happy 'cause I know JesusInnocent

Smile  I'm Happy 'cause I was saved by GRACELaughing

Smile  I'm Happy 'cause I Tongue out  was filled with The Holy SpiritSurprised  



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When the POWER of LOVE,

overcomes the LOVE of POWER;

then we will have PEACE .    ~ Jimi Hendrix


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Answered: Why did jesus say father why have you forsaken ...

As Njoy points out it is taken from Psalm 22. If you read Psalm 22 you can see the crucifixion being told in this Psalm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ As to the interpretation of "why has thou ...

Answered: APA internship post-degree

you are coo coo;;;; like Jack if your went to a nut house they would not let you leave!

Answered: Vote of confidence What if a vote of confidence ...

I would think the group that requested the vote of confidence LOST, because they were the people that objected to the status as it was; and therefore the previous status remains.

Answered: Heinous harrassment

Americans sometimes do not stand up against wrong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And as it has been said "The only thing required for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...

Answered: Who was the first Christian?

I would answer the last person on Earth to become a Christian:::: The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

Answered: What state is Confluence in?

ConFluecius say: many States have rivers that two river have converged into one new river. There are many parks with the word Confluence in the name. But there is one State with a City called ...

Answered: How do I address a district magistrate judge?

I worked for the court for 15 years;; you can never go wrong with saying ;;;; "Your Honor"


Rick Barnett says:
"It is good to see that there are still some fair minded people. Thanks for being fair!"
polly says:
"thank you fot believing in the one and ONLY GOD"
stressed says:
"TY Michael! I do my best. Hope 2 bring good cheer. Ppl still need it. 2 many grumblers, atheists, cheats, liars, troublemakers. Bring out the best in ppl. Our duty 2 1 another."
Mike Dudley says:
"You speak the truth. That's good enough. "
deeladybug says:
"hi michael....i too is happy that i know Jesus like quite a few on here does too....qiuet refreshing....Good bless......dee"
Le Silver Lining says:
"Your answers are the best Michael."
Trampo says:
"Great to see a few real Christians still on this board. I think about what you say quite a bit. It makes sense and it always works. It is just good to see!"
Shuddupandkissme says:
"You are eloquent, sensitive and a Godly inspiration. I may never have the honor of meeting you here on Earth...but I know I'll be seeing you in heaven. Sincerely, Faye"
~Jada~ says:
"Hello Michael. Thank you so much for your concern and for your kind words. I do appreciate you very much. I have enjoyed reading your answers from the first one that I saw and it is so refreshing to have people like you here, contributing wisdom and kindness all throughout the land. Keep on keeping on...; ) I hope you don't mind, but I made you a contact. God bless you, ~Jada~"
~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Michael. "
stressed says:
"Good to see some sense. AOLA sometimes lacks it. Now that you are here. We have hope of decency."
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Michael... I have seen you around and see that you are an asset to the site. Keep up the good work! ~Jada~"
n says:
"Michael, you answers regarding "proof" of God's existence are perfect. I hope you stay with us on aolanswers for a long long time. Thanks!"
Shuddupandkissme says:
"I love your seem to be such a gentle, peaceful soul. I look forward to reading more of them. Sincerely, Faye"
n says:
"Michael, You sound like the kind of person I need in my list of contacts. Your answers are logical and well thought out."
tallytowneades says:
"Thank you for your help. I will try your suggestion"
Rocmike3 says:
"Bless you, Michael! We need more honest people like you around. As to personal invective, I sometimes object to Scouts playing harmonicas . . . singing ridiculous songs until 3:00 AM around a campfire .. . 99 bottles of beer on the wall . . . accordions . . . mimes . . . Obama bin Laden . . .."
Nancy says:
"Michael, I truly thank you for your blessing on what you said about being saved. I finally found out when I was 58 yrs. old."
Nancy says:
"I was 58 years old when I found that the truth is that one needs to be born again and saved by grace and be filled by the Holy Spirit. I used to be catholic now I attend a non denomination christian born again services. Many people there used to be Catholic."
DB Lady says:
"Hi Michael, Thank you for the nice words. I feel good that I see someone in Yedda is honest how he feels about God. Thank you for answering those questions about spirituality. Keep up the good work. Thank you for being the qay you are, very nice and pleasant. "
Cowgurl says:
"Thank you, michael. Always i feel extra blessed when someone like you enters my life (one way or the other). This is great information and i am forwarding the site onto some of my e-pals for their enjoyment/knowledge. "