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Asked: Nikola Tesla - Man Before His Time

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientific mind had the idea, and many colleagues of his time claim that he invented the way of transferring electricity without wires. It all goes to show that someone didn ...

Asked: Green Living Cheaper... NOT!

I don't think that people know how much does it cost to build a windmill that will power a small apartment with electricity, let alone the whole house. They would think twice before speaking their ...

Asked: Is there a person that can guarantee that by ...

Is there a person that can guarantee that by greener living you do make a difference, but not to your home bills, but to the environment?

Asked: Greener Fascist

Do you believe in all this green living hoopla? I'm frankly tired of this fascistic propaganda. I agree that we should force factories use filters and go to greener technology because nobody wants to ...

Asked: Wikipedia Marketing?

I heard of Wikipedia marketing before but since Wiki is not exactly open to posting how would you go about that? What exactly is Wikipedia marketing?

Asked: Which resource is the first you use, besides ...

Which resource is the first you use, besides Google Search, of course, for getting information? I immediately load Wikipedia when I need concrete information. How about you?

Answered: What is your favorite Stephen King book? If I had ...

Hm, I love The Stand. Now you got me confused again over this choice. :) I guess I would also include It.

Asked: Helpful Donations?

I just noticed that the owner of Wikipedia asks for donations, which reminds me: Do you give donations to sites or people that you have benefit from?

Asked: Pottery vs Rings?

What is the juice from Harry Potter movies that makes people, even sane people go nuts and adore this fairytale? I still haven't figured it out. I guess I'm more LOTR type of person.

Asked: What is your favorite SF writer and why: Arthur ...

What is your favorite SF writer and why: Arthur Clark, Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Frank Herbert...?

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