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Answered: Do you think Hillary Clinton would be a strong ...

yes i do women would make the country better.

Answered: NFS 2 on Win XP

look at the requirements it might not be combilte

Answered: Parents opinion is becoming too much to bear.

in my opinion parents want the best for their child so they saw that you a job abroad they might think the job is not for the best for you or they might think its not safe. also you might be worried ...

Answered: Riding in bike lanes: easy or dangerous?

i live in marquette mi we bike paths and lane thier every easy.

Answered: My daughter wants to start riding a dirt bike ...

don't let her she can kill her shelf even if shes wearing a hemelt.

Answered: Since video and computer games often become ...

i agree with bonesturce, johnny, also meming. video games also movies doesn't cause violence. its It is therefore up to the parents to carefully nurture the minds of their children to fully ...

Answered: What is so special about the specialized mountain ...

they are the best bikes and regular bikes are cheaper then specialized that what is the edifferent.


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