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Answered: I missed the article on cooking tender beef, would ...

It all depends on what cut of meat you are trying to cook. Roasts are better cooked on top of the stove on a low heat after browning. Actually any type of meat cooked on top of the range and not ...

Answered: Can you bake 3 cakes in oven at same time

You cannot bake three whole cakes in the oven, but you can certainly bake three layers. Just make sure your pans are filled evenly. Eight inch pans will fit nicely, but 9 inch pans fit a little un ...

Answered: Selling of product make at home in a local ...

I don't believe you can do this because of all the food regulations. I know it cannot be done in the restaurants I've visited here.

Answered: Vegetable Oil and Fudge

You are going to ruin your fudge if you use anything other than butter, so go ahead if you want soft fudge. You can always eat it with a spoon.

Answered: Vegetable Oil and Fudge

If you want your fudge to harden, do not use margarine or vegetable oil.

Answered: How to you make cookies more crisp?

The easiest for me is to bake them a little longer or increase temperature and bake a shorter amount of time.

Answered: What to make with jambalaya

I'm from Louisiana and I consider myself a pretty good jambalaya cooker. I usually serve a fresh fruit salad & garlic bread.

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