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Answered: Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake Pan

I don't make pancakes in anything except a black iron skillet, so I am not the one to ask about the pancake pan. sorry

Answered: How do you cook pancakes?

Get a box of pancake mix and follow the instructions. Also, buy some maple syrup or cane syrup and have a ball.

Answered: How do you cook avacardo?

Hi Newbie, You can use avocado in salads, cooked with shrimp, etc.

Answered: What is cajun food?

Cajun food is a highly seasoned food from the people of South Louisiana. By highly seasoned, I mean with onion, green pepper, garlic, & celery. Many people have a misconception of the way Cajun is ...

Answered: What is quinoa and how do you cook it?

It is a type of grain and can be cooked just like you cook rice.

Answered: Cheese cake

This is the recipe I use for a basic cheesecake. You can then top with any type fruit or canned pie filling. 2 8-ounce packages cream cheese, softened 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla ...

Answered: How can i use lentils in cooking?

You can cook them as you do beans and let them thicken. You then serve them with rice. .

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