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I like  french food

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Answered: What can you eat? White bread/rice/pasta is ...

Just eat biological (better than organic) products, they are grown without pesticides and chemical (ureic) fertilizers. Always prefer labelled products or branded (BIO)

Answered: What are the benefits of adopting a raw food ...

Excellent against obesity. High dietetical fiber in raw vegetables promotes probiotics and peristaltic mouvements. Helps fighting against guts lazyness

Answered: I would like to know what can be done about ...

Tell this to everybody, including consommers associations in your town. It's the only way to stop the old and polluting system of production. There are other food preservations systems but natural ...

Answered: Welfare aide in africa

Olivier de Scouter accedió al puesto de Informador especial para los problemas de malnutrición en el mundo. Olivier de Scouter es un especialista en derechos humanos de la Universidad Católica de ...

Answered: Who lead the french revolution?

Lafayette, Diderot, Marat, Robespierre, Napoléon... All of them and anyone of them. As many historical facts, caos lead french revolution.

Answered: Kosher and Halal

They are not the same monopoly. At least not till theese days, who knows if palestinians disapear and jews buy the brand...

Answered: Baby oil

It's petroleum oil, chemically purified and transformed by Marketing into a comdity.

Answered: Which is better: chocolate or vanilla?

Both are tropical fruits. Vanilla is an orchide, while chocolat is a tree. Vanilla is a very simple molecule so everybody synthetize it Chocolate is a very complex molecule so nobody has already ...

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