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Doctoral degree with training in clinical neuropsychology and health psychology.  Populations treated, traumatic brain injury, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases which includes children, adolescents and adults. 

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Answered: Are journals a positive way to maintain mental ...

Peer reviewed journals are typically research oriented and not meant to give advice on mental health per se. They are geared to keep professionals in the field abreast of the latest treatments and ...

Answered: When i was12 i concluded i was gay, my first ...

Matthew, life sounds very lonely for you right now and indeed it sounds like you are suffering from major depression. It is unfortunate when someone is a little different then the accepted status quo ...

Answered: Can my parents have me legally committed

There really needs to be more information to answer your question.

Answered: Is this a serious mental health diagnosis?

Eating disorder and self cutting? Pretty serious.

Answered: Please help me know my rights!!!

If your comment was that you wanted to harm yourself or someone else and the people at the psychiatric facility felt you were in immanent danger and the key word here is immanent, the facility is ...

Answered: Disorder?

Rigel, it really is impossible to say what is happening with you. Yes, you sound like you are depressed, but no one can say without a complete evaluation. Your cognitive processes sound like they ...

Commented: About LadyDoc's answer

Again, I wish you the best of luck for a very difficult situation.

Answered: Please help

Borderline Personality Disorder is one of the most difficult disorders to treat, in fact many clinicians believe there is no treatment for this disorder or any other personality disorder. In fact ...

Answered: How to cope with the depression of bipolar ...

Samira, you need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist, if you have not done so all ready. Bipolar illness is manageable with medication. There are several medications on the market to treat Bipolar ...

Answered: Who said mental illness is a true reality?

Reality as one person sees it may be very different than the truth or facts.

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terry says:
"thanks brilliant and helpfull answer"
travel048 says:
"You gave a great answer to the mental abuse can cause mental illness question. Thumbs up!!"
Roger says:
"Thanks, he is getting help for therapy now from the state of Colorado. I will ask my daughter in law to start by asking them. "
cougar says:
"Thankyou for your answer. I had a better day for it and even felt that bit more confident about taking my medication as it should be. thanks again.Jean"
Mrs.H0711 says:
"great answers!"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi LadyDoc... I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your responses :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge. -Anya"
happycaption says:
"thanks again- i just can't find it in my self to feel worthy enough to get over it. I feel as if I am a terrible, awful person. I did not mean anyharm and was not tryingto do anything to exert myself over anyone,I was simply lookingfor an experience- I know you may think otherwise but I know deep down this is the case, even if I can't fully acknowledge it."
happycaption says:
" Thanks for your response- I appercate it, though at this stage I'm not sure how to improve the way I feel about myself. I don't have a habit of acting in a way that is great uninhibited or at least to a point where it would cause any problems in 99% of the situations of going out and drinking I have been in. Certainly issues of self esteem and self perception are at the root of this, but I am getting tired,even with the help that councilling has provided me, of going on with my life in this manner. This seem utterly hopeless for me to improve this situation."