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Doctoral degree with training in clinical neuropsychology and health psychology.  Populations treated, traumatic brain injury, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases which includes children, adolescents and adults. 

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Answered: Hi there, my boyfriend of a year and a half ...

Clearly your boyfriend is suffering from psychosis. The question is whether or not this is a substance induced psychosis or if he is suffering from a schizophrenia variant. He needs to be evaluated ...

Answered: Randomly saying "no" by accident. So embarrassing!

Saying no out loud is actually an intervention used for thought stopping or thought interruption. However, I do understand it may cause you embarrassment. Attempting to be mindful in situations you ...

Answered: Overly affectionate teen ager

I would agree her behavior is not appropriate for her age, however, as you all ready stated she experienced a trauma. Since you are not specific about what trauma I am speculating your daughter may ...

Answered: How to handle a immotionally maupilative mother?

Christine, it sounds to me like you have to take responsibility here for what has happened. You didn't set limits or relationship boundaries with your mother. You are vulnerable and as you stated ...

Answered: Why is my friend so mean!

I think the more significant question is why you tolerate his behavior? You will probably never know the reason why he behaves the way he does (if he even knows), so the question is what does this ...

Answered: Is it possible for high levels of sunlight to make ...

Mari, I find it unlikely that sunlight can make you depressed since phototherapy is used to treat depression. I would strongly suggest you see a physician for a complete evaluation. Best of luck.

Answered: Where do people go if they are found incompetent ...

First, if you are deemed incompetent to care for yourself or manage your own needs, the courts will first appoint a guardian. That is generally a family member or if there are no family members a ...

Answered: What could these symptoms specify in a 26 year ...

The symptoms you are describing can overlap in many medical and psychiatric disorders. He needs to be evaluated by a doctor. If he is medically cleared, he should be seen by a psychiatrist or ...

Answered: Please help

ezzy, you may not be able to control your feelings or thoughts, but we can control our behavior. Since I am speculating, you know when you are starting to feel the way you do with the resultant ...

Answered: Mental Exercises and Alzheimer's

Cognitive remediation and memory exercises cannot prevent Alzheimer's Disease and it cannot slow the progression. However, it can assist those suffering from memory loss and other loss associated ...

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terry says:
"thanks brilliant and helpfull answer"
travel048 says:
"You gave a great answer to the mental abuse can cause mental illness question. Thumbs up!!"
Roger says:
"Thanks, he is getting help for therapy now from the state of Colorado. I will ask my daughter in law to start by asking them. "
cougar says:
"Thankyou for your answer. I had a better day for it and even felt that bit more confident about taking my medication as it should be. thanks again.Jean"
Mrs.H0711 says:
"great answers!"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi LadyDoc... I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your responses :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge. -Anya"
happycaption says:
"thanks again- i just can't find it in my self to feel worthy enough to get over it. I feel as if I am a terrible, awful person. I did not mean anyharm and was not tryingto do anything to exert myself over anyone,I was simply lookingfor an experience- I know you may think otherwise but I know deep down this is the case, even if I can't fully acknowledge it."
happycaption says:
" Thanks for your response- I appercate it, though at this stage I'm not sure how to improve the way I feel about myself. I don't have a habit of acting in a way that is great uninhibited or at least to a point where it would cause any problems in 99% of the situations of going out and drinking I have been in. Certainly issues of self esteem and self perception are at the root of this, but I am getting tired,even with the help that councilling has provided me, of going on with my life in this manner. This seem utterly hopeless for me to improve this situation."