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Asked: CAN a woman Fall in love with a man who´s OBESE?

I have a friend who is going out with a man who is OBESE. He knows and acknowledges he is. I am worried that this is going to create problems for her, as it´s notorious that very fat people have ...

Asked: Did Jesus Christ Start The Christian Religion?

Which Denomination of Christianity is THE TRUE CHRISTIANITY? What denomination can be considered THE ORIGINAL ONE? IF ANY?

Asked: Do Christians consider "Showing ...

Is "showing affection" a Bodily Function? My Christian friend keeps telling me I put too much importance on the lack of affection he shows me.

Asked: FILTHY T.V.!! Do we HAVE to , or , should we ...

FILTHY T.V! Filthy t.v. is denounced by the bible site link (St. James) that is given us by one contributor. We should STOP watching t.v! Surely the the Internet is just , possibly , as ...

Asked: Avoid HELL by DOING GOOD.

Do ALL Christians who believe in HELL do GOOD because they fear going to HELL, and if so, isn´t this a very SELFISH reason?

Asked: God-fearing people? Why????

WHY does one have to FEAR GOD? I believe in GOD, but find myself WITHOUT FEAR. WHAT makes one fear GOD? I appreciate (him, her or it) with LOVE. IS IT CONSIDERED WRONG BY OTHERS?

Asked: Boasting? Is it a Christian Trait?

TRUE CHRISTIANS don´t boast! Do they?

Asked: Do True Christians Boast about Wealth and ...

TRUE CHRISTIAN converting (US)the heathen! My attention was caught spellbound by bold statements and subsequent questions from a gentleman, who said he had made SO much MONEY, had SO MANY cars that ...




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