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Answered: looking for a -non-prescription ...

Certainly won´t be able to find it in Brazil, which is where I am! I suggest you put the name into Google and find out.

Answered: Where can I find gooseberries to cook?

Look in your garden! failing that go to a Farmer´s market. You should be able to find out when they are in season.

Answered: Why is my hair thinner on top im 24

Go to a doctor! you shouldn´t be losing your hair if you´re a girl. You either have a nutritional deficiency or a hormone problem. You need to see a doctor. Don´t leave it for later, it could get ...

Answered: How long in the oven do you cook your bacon?

Depends how thick the bacon is, the thicker it is , the longer I cook it! VERY hot oven, after 15 minutes look at it and see if you like the look of it. If you like it darker or crispier, cook it a ...

Answered: How to cook beef tripe

Note that there are two types of beef tripe. There is flat tripe from the first stomach (strictly called the rumen), and honeycomb tripe from the second stomach, the reticulum. Both need the ...

Answered: Jobs in medellin

NOT a good place to go for a job. Not unless you´re qualified in EMERGENCY MEDICINE!

Answered: How to cook ham hogs for pickeling

Enough answers there to satisfy anyone, we don´t do much pickling of hogs anything here in Rio De Janeiro!

Answered: The doctors tv show/Dr Ordons

WHAT IS THE QUESTION ? I´m not telepathic either!!




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