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Asked: Miley Sweet Sixteen

What would you give Miley for her sweet sixteen? What do you give a girl who has everything and who has seen everything? Or has she...

Answered: Separated

They put their house up for sale, but I'm not sure it means they're each going their separate ways...

Answered: Lindsay Lohan feud with Scarlett Johansson

Looks can be deceiving... Don't believe what you think you see. CHances are they're at each other's throat once the cameras are turned off. I'm not saying one is more to blame than the other, but ...

Asked: Britney says life is worse than jail

On a the documentary to be aired on November 30th Britney says her life is "worse than a jail sentence" Is that an honest peek into a celeb's life, or some ehining of a woman who's had everything ...

Asked: Adriana Lima on Victoria's Secret

Adriana Lima Flying away on Victoria's Secret photo shoot... Where would you fly to with Adriana if you had the chance?

Asked: Mckey or Analeigh on ANTM?

McKey wins America's Nest Top Model, taking over Analeigh. Who's your favorite?

Asked: Paris and Benji Madden are separated

Why did Paris Hilton and Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden break up? Were they destined to break up from the beginning? Who will Paris go out with next?

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