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Answered: Beyonce i love u so much and i like u are thick ...

I don't know about Beyonce's video in particular, but you can choose from any of the million programs and start your own exercising regimen. It's bound to work out for you if you just persist.

Asked: Beyonce Knowels or Alicia Keys?

Beyonce Knowels or Alicia Keys? Tell us who's YOUR choice

Asked: Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight

Did you like Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight? Who do you think could have done the part better? Will she adopt the vampire look now?

Asked: Britney to tour US next year

Should Britney be allowed to go on a tour in the States next year? Is she stable enough? Would (and should) the court allow this? What do you think?

Answered: Which celebs are on a raw food diet?

Demi Moore was pretty passionate about it at the time. Also Musician Sting, Actress Angela Bassett, Actor Woody Harrelson, Musician David Bowie, Actress Lisa Bonet, Actor Robin Williams, Designer ...

Asked: Brooke Burke Dancing with the Stars

Brooke Burke was declared winner of Dancing with the Stars. Did you like her Olivia Newton John lookalike on the final? What did you think of her dancing? This is the original from ...

Asked: Amy Winehouse Divorce Blake Fielder Civil

Now that Amy Whinehouse's marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is over, will she go to rehab? Does she have a better chance of getting clean without him? Will she even want to get clean?

Asked: Tyra Banks Losing Spotlight

Which do you like best, THe Tyra Banks Show, or America's Next Top Model? If you were a network executive, which would you cut?

Asked: Christina Aguilera on AMA Ceremony 2008

Would you define Christina's performance on AMA as a shameless promotion for her new album? It wasn't her best performance IMHO. Would you buy Christina's "Greatest Hits Album"?

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