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Answered: Why beyonce doesn't wear any earrings?

She wears earrings all the time. And she usually looks great :-)

Answered: Celebrity Baby Names

I though Blanket was a little silly as a name, but I guess we're not really to judge...

Asked: Sunday Rose or Suri Cruise?

Sunday Rose or Suri Cruise? Who's your favorite? I know they're not the same age, but if they were, who would you like better?

Asked: Will LiLo and Sam stay together for Christmas?

Will Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson spend Christmas together? Why are thy trying so hard to keep rumors of split at bay? Do they look like a happy couple to you?

Asked: Who are you Katie Holmes Cruise?

Would we even know Katie Holmes if she weren't married to Tom Cruise? Has she cashed in on that ticket, or is this true love?

Asked: Does Jennifer Aniston want to be pregnant?

Does Jennifer Aniston even want to be a mother, or is all this pregnancy talk just a jealosy thing over Brad and Angelina?

Asked: Are Shania Twain and Frederic Thiébaud a couple?

Is Shania Twain and Frederic Thiébaud an item, or are they just "good friends" doing their Christmas shopping together? What do you think? I think anything that gets her out of the house is ...

Asked: Is Janet Jackson pregnant?

What's the real story with Janet Jackson? Is it really migranes, or is she pregnant? Considering that she's 42, that biological clock must be ticking pretty loudly by now...

Answered: Unhappy son wants to move.....

I'm guessing it has to be corroborated by a judge's decision. Have you tried reasoning with your ex?

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