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Answered: What's better to move to Ireland or Australia?

Australia is far better place than Ireland for outsiders.

Answered: Which is more efficient 2 stage or single variable ...

The 2 stage variable A/C is around 28% more efficient than 1 stage variable A/C.

Answered: What exactly is 1.3.7 trimethylxanthine? I want ...

Around 300miligram of caffeine is 1.3.7 trimethylxanthine

Answered: Some Like It Hot?

If you are feeling okay, cannot survive on the temperature means it's too hot for you. It always depends on you.

Answered: Anyone ever heard of ucca health insurance

Yup, I have known about Yuccahealthcare.

Answered: Euro 2012 - who do you think is going to win it ...

I think Germany will win this year.

Answered: What's the difference between real gold and karat ...

Well karat gold is the gold that is 24 karat and is pure and real gold I suppose they are one and the same.

Answered: Where Himachl pradesh Locted?

Ya, I have also heard about it. Its a good place to visit.

Answered: How to move to New Zealand?

Ya, there are job opportunities over there. Don't worry about the local Maoris. Go ahead don't be afraid you will find a way.


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