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Asked: Looking for inexpensive hotels near Sea World, San ...

I'm planning a trip to San Diego. I want to see everything at the zoo & Sea World & am looking for an inexpensive hotel to stay at near those places. Thanks in advance for your help!

Asked: San Diego hotels

What are some good San Diego CA hotels?

Asked: Back acne

I have really bad back acne. What are somethings i can do to treat it on my own that really work???

Asked: How can I compare a very old price with today's ...

I read about the first Transatlantic telegraph cable , and I wonder how can I calculate how much did it cost by our standersd ? is there some "history money changing" software, or some other way to ...

Asked: Need help in maintaining my eyesight?

I think , my eye-vision is deteriorating . I assume I will have to use prescription eyeglasses . I wanted to know if there are any drills I can do to try to improve my eyesight? Is there any thing I ...

Asked: Custody

Okay, right now I'm 5 months pregnant, and no longer with the father of my child. I have my ultra sound very soon to find out what I'm having, my current boyfriend wants to come with me, and I see no ...

Asked: If i have a warant for my arrest will i still ...

if i have a warant for my arrest will i still collect ssi and if not how long will it take them to stop sending them.

Asked: Failure to report a crime

Is it against the Law not to report a crime? In Israel? In the USA? In the European Union?


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