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Married 40 years to a great guy, live in the same house I grew up in, have 3  (indoor only) cats, do delivery work of 9 different publications ( which means I get 9 different checks every month, and I LIKE that, lol).  Love the outdoors, hiking, biking, and trips to our beautiful Oregon Coast!

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Commented: About Marcoangelo's answer

I agree with Cindy. After AOL did away with monitors, the boards that I had frequented went down hill fast. People felt free to bash and slam people they didn't like, knowing full well that nothing ...

Commented: About dogsportbcs's answer

LOL, my goodness, LL sure hasn't changed. She's still just as nasty and still as obsessed with me as ever. In fact, all of her buddies still are. The proof is in the writing. This is now March ...

Commented: About skyjumpr's answer

OMG, LMAO!! It's now March 2015, and LL, Robyn, and their buddies are truly the pathetic ones. They can't even move on, concerning me. In January 2015, on their private little FB forum they had a ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Oh My God, this is absolutely soooo hilarious!! This is now March 2015. LL posted on this thread 2 years ago, saying to me, "holding a grudge is pathetic", and also saying, "you can't stop talking ...

Commented: About dogsportbcs's answer

March 2015: Geez LL, why are you still obsessed with me, 3 years after the AOL boards closed up? You and your buddies are such hypocrites! You have "CLAIMED" a couple of different times that you ...

Answered: I'm glad the AOL boards are gone! I had been a ...

Yep, 3 years later, after the boards closed, they're still obsessed with me! So funny, LOL. It's now March 2015, and yesterday, on a FB forum, out of the blue, one of the bullies brings up the past ...

Commented: About PGroot's answer

Thanks. I've reported the offensive posts. Sounds like it's just a waste of time though.

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Thanks for the suggestions. I've made the reports, several times. Going by what you've all said, it doesn't sound like AOL cares to do anything ( not surprised, it's typical AOL).

Answered: Posting anonymously on AOL Answers

Someone posted DISGUSTING porn pictures, and I don't want to be associated with ANY thread that has porn on it. I'm the one who started the thread, and need help on how to delete the whole question ...

Answered: How do I delete a thread that I started?

I'm trying to delete this thread because someone put disgusting porn pictures on it. How do I delete the whole question? Please help!


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