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Married 40 years to a great guy, live in the same house I grew up in, have 3  (indoor only) cats, do delivery work of 9 different publications ( which means I get 9 different checks every month, and I LIKE that, lol).  Love the outdoors, hiking, biking, and trips to our beautiful Oregon Coast!

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Commented: About PGroot's answer

Thanks. I've reported the offensive posts. Sounds like it's just a waste of time though.

Commented: About Kathy's answer

As a whole, the AOL Message Boards were great. There were only a few that were not. It was those boards that were run by bullies. They wanted to make those 'public' boards into their very own ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Thanks for the suggestions. I've made the reports, several times. Going by what you've all said, it doesn't sound like AOL cares to do anything ( not surprised, it's typical AOL).

Answered: Posting anonymously on AOL Answers

Someone posted DISGUSTING porn pictures, and I don't want to be associated with ANY thread that has porn on it. I'm the one who started the thread, and need help on how to delete the whole question ...

Answered: How do I delete a thread that I started?

I'm trying to delete this thread because someone put disgusting porn pictures on it. How do I delete the whole question? Please help!

Asked: How do I delete a thread that I started?

I asked a question, and now there's DISGUSTING porn on there! I just want it gone--- the whole thing gone! Since I'm the one who started the thread, is there a way that I can just delete the whole ...

Answered: Posting anonymously on AOL Answers

My God, you people are DISGUSTING, sharing porn pictures on a site where children and young people come to, to read and ask questions!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!! Seek professional help!!! I've ...

Answered: Posting anonymously on AOL Answers

Ohhhh, so THAT'S what all of those numbers mean!! I've had a poster(s) post those numbers shortly after I had posted something, and I couldn't figure out why in the world they were posting that! It ...

Answered: Posting anonymously on AOL Answers

Wow. I've seen a few weird postings, especially lately. I've seen an anonymous poster posting, "Jada is pond scum", and someone posting, "Sparky's Mom and Jada are trash". I have no idea who they are ...

Asked: Posting anonymously on AOL Answers

Why do some people post their responses anonymously? It seems to me that they must be ashamed of what they're posting, and just don't want others to see who they really are. No biggie, but I just ...


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