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Answered: Orthopedic Surgeon

One of the best places to find your local orthopedic doctor or your local orthopedic surgeon is this website:

Answered: How to make website seo friendly?

In a nutshell: Pick up any book about website SEO to learn the basics like title tags and anchor texts...but the most important thing you can do is to install a simple wordpress blog and add lots of ...

Answered: Mortgage Refinance

The most important thing to consider when refi'ing is simple: How much will I save, per month? And when will I get a return on my closing costs? I run a Texas Mortgage company and I suggest to my ...

Answered: Texas

Adding yourself to a mortgage deed is easy...just call your local title company and ask them to add you. They might charge a small fee for this. But remember, Texas is a community property state so ...

Answered: Where should I take a mortgage?

Getting a mortgage is fairly easy these days. You can go to a mortgage bank or you can go to a mortgage broker and simply apply for a home loan. We are a Texas Mortgage Company that offers a flat ...

Answered: How do I refinance

You might want to consider doing a no-pmi mortgage loan which is a fannie/freddie loan designed for those who don't have the 20% equity. Fannie/freddie allows for up to 95% loan to value. Now that ...

Answered: How long can i expect the current rates to stay ...

As long as the economy is weak mortgage rates are going to stay low. The fed rate is .25% and Texas mortgage rates have been consistently in the 4s.

Answered: Mortgage payment

There are several ways to pay your mortgage off sooner. Naturally, anything you pay extra on your mortgage pays the note off. Or you can do a Texas refinance --and get a lower rate--this reduces ...

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