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Answered: Organic oreo cookies

Yes you can buy oreo cookies. It is the best american cookie since 1912. Today, it is in biscuits.

Answered: Where to buy templeton rye whiskey

You can get from Chicago, Omaha and Kansas city.

Answered: Term query

I think this term is used for global warming.

Answered: How can I save the environment?

We can save enviornment with the help of taking measures which they save our envionrment.

Answered: How Do Climate Changes Effect YOU?

Climate effects us through increase and decrease in humidity,atmospherical changes,hot and cold etc.

Answered: What happen to the national inholders association

To protect private property landowners from unwanted acquisition by the National Park Service

Answered: What does a CNA do?

CNAs perform basic nursing functions such as personal care, taking vital signs, and ambulation under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse.

Answered: How long does milk stay fresh if unopened

It will fresh 2 or 3 days as far as possible.


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