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Answered: For you

very sexy indeed....

Answered: Keeping kids after school for 4 hours

It doesn't sound legal at all to me. I would contact the school board and ask to meet with them, to discuss the issue. You can also meet with the principal of the school to discuss your concerns.

Answered: Ultimate MVP

Jordan will always be #1

Answered: Why does my husband hate me so much for being ...

It sounds to me like he starting becoming angry at the situation, not at you... and it escalated and became what it is now. I think that if you want at all for this marriage to last, then you need to ...

Answered: Having done all STAND

I agree... good job Netanyahu. I hope that he stays strong and doesn't sway in his beliefs.

Answered: Why do you think the international community is ...

I think that other countries just can't be bothered, to be perfectly honest. I think it would take years to actually convict them, and it's just not worth it. It's all much more complicated than we ...

Answered: Isn't MIley Cyrus' relationship illegal?

What relationship, and why do you think it's illegal?

Answered: I need advice about a girl

If she didn't have a boyfriend, I would say to go for it and to let her know what your feelings are. However, I think that you should just take a step back, to be her friend if you can while she has ...

Answered: How many other countries should we attack with ...

Well I think that Iran is one that should be attacked... or the government and supporters should just be assasinatated. Something needs to be done.


auntjoan says:
"Hi Anya, So nice to hear from you and thank you for the welcome! Interesting questions and good answers. Take care..."
auntjoan says:
"Thanks for the warm welcome. It is a helpful community of people with different attitudes and experience and the answers are good, and sometimes funny, aren't they? "
Zyclon B Man says:
"Anya: Hey, how're YOU doin'? I've noticed you before, but I was too busy to pay that much attention. I think that you are an interesting person. I'll get back to you later. See ya later, alligator (your supposed to say, after 'while, crocodile). Regards, MW"
peter Leptin says:
"Thank you for nice welcome note. Yes I will put my energy here, just be cool if some people will call me a spammer which I am not. I just passionatly believe in some things and I am not afraid to express that. Peter"
unkabob says:
"Thanks for the compliment Anya.. Wow! Are all the girls in Aussie land as sweet looking as you? (I don't know what I've been missing).. Seriously, your a knock-out and I'll be keeping an eye on your progress (stalking not intended).."
♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥ says:
"Hey Anya! Thought I'd throw you a hello! How ya been? How's 'Enzo?' ~Micki~"
Romeo says:
"Hey, Thanks for your greeting. I've enjoyed reading your answers."
deeladybug says:
"hi anyagarcia...goodto see you again...when i changed my name becaue of aol..i lost allmy contacts and new name is dbdeelady instead of nanadee....but i am still dee..God bless...dee"
Dawn says:
"Love reading your answers. I wish you were more active. I'm sure others would appreciate this too!"
Mac says:
"Hi AnyaGarcia, It's great to meet a lovely Yedda user who has the same kind of thoughts as me in terms of questions and so forth :) x"
Asha says:
"Hi Anya Garcia. Your compliment put a smile on my face.. Thank you! You are a very thoughtful person yourself, when we cross paths here I always enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas, and I look forward to spending many more years with you on Yedda. :) Stay pretty & smart. "
Ramya says:
"Thanks for your compliment"
♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥ says:
"Hi Anya! Thanks for the compliment! Great to meet you! Get some toys that will stimulate his brain while your gone, Pet stores carry a variety of such stimulant toys, just ask one of the employees, get a 'dog-walker' to walk your pup while your're out. If you can do it before work, give him some exercise. It"ll be good for both of you. a nice walk in the am, make sure he's eaten about 15-20 mins before, make sure he goes to the bathroom. If he's whipped, he'll sleep most of the day until you come home and take him out for potty. Hope that helps a little. Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~"
Larrys Book Biz says:
"Hi Anya! Just a fly by, say hey, kinda thing. Hoping all is well with you and yours. All the best to ya!"
Grace says:
"Thank you. I change up the videos from time to time...enjoy them.. and have a great week too!"
Catbout2 says:
"Thank you very much AnyaGarica that's sweet of you to say, God bless see you posting."
Corrine. says:
"Sorry I know it has taken me a while to get back to you but I want to say thanks for the compliment. It was very kind and it seems like you spread a lot of joy to the yedda community. I wish you well and take care. God Bless. With Sincerest Wishes, Corrine :)"
IamQweenBee says:
"Happy Mothers Day"
MikeC says:
"I was in the amphibious force and I was a yeoman. (Glorified typest and record keeper for the officers)"
MikeC says:
"Thanks I hope I don't bore you to death with my posts."
kgb says:
"Thanks, I appreciate your reply.. lifted a load off my shoulder "
Tony says:
"Thank you for your kind compliment? I trust it that we have met before in Christian fellowship?!"
njfrozen says:
"thank you i'm still trying to figure this out lol."
Rekon says:
Joe Guest says:
"AnyaGarcia, Thank You for being our friend on Yedda. It wouldn't be the same without your input and wisdom and good nature. We all Love you and wait for your next comment. Keep it up! Your friend, Joe Guest"
wilsonammy says:
"Hey! I loved 2 c some1 commenting on my yedda 4 the very first time. Thanks...u made my day :)...Keep Rocking!"
Larrys Book Biz says:
"Hi Anya! Thanks so much for the kind words. I have read through some of your answers, and I am a fan of your work, great job! So glad to meet you! Larry B."
Albert Hoogendoorn says:
"Thank your for your compliment. "
Kid says:
"AnyaGarcia Thank-you for the compliment. I'm looking forward to reading your comments."
Marla R says:
"Thank-you for the compliment. Have a terrific week, also, Anya! --- Marla R."
Bruno says:
"Thanks for the warm welcome! Great to be here! Bruno"
Etta says:
"Anya! Thanks for the kind compliment, May you have a most blessed day."
taligat says:
"Thank you so much. My dream is to one day visit you beautiful county. Are you into bird watching and nature?"
the bruce says:
"Anya, your compliment is most appreciated. Feel free to let me know how things are in your neck of the world. the bruce"
Alex Vic says:
"Thank You, Anya, glad to meet You here :)"
curiousOne says:
"Thank you :)"
Capt. Conservative says:
"Anya ... Your kind words are much appreciated. Thank You and God Bless. CC"
lenore says:
"Anya, Thank you for the compliment. Have a great day."
IamQweenBee says:
"Thank you Anya! That was very nice of you! LOL! Take care"
christie says:
"Hi Anya: Thank you for the compliment. It was a nice surprise."
-O- says:
"Hi Anya, thank you for your kindness --you seem like a very lovely lady and a great compliment to the Yedda family."
Voice of Reason says:
"Thank you so much for your sweet sentiments. It's always fascinating to me the distances that Yedda reaches. I had the lovely experience of traveling to your wonderful country. Australians and Americans are great competitive allies. I have to mention that we finally won back the Americas Cup from you guys from down under. Have a "fair dinkum" day. Your compliment is greatly appreciated."
Nanadee says:
"thank you anya for the compliment. i just love your name...its so pretty and just sorta rolls off your tongue....i love yor accent where you live. hope to talk to you soon here....God bless...nanadee"
richard says:
"AnyaGarcia, thank yoiu fir your compliment on yedda a very nice thing to do, so that really means to me that you are a realm nce lady; have A NICE DAY DOWN UNDER, i USE TO HAVE SOME FRIENDS IN TASMANIA SOME TEARS BACK WHEN i USE TOM BOOT-LEG ON THEN HAM RADIO."
EJ says:
"Thanks Anya, it's great to meet you, I've seen you around and I've also enjoyed your answers. Keep it up and stay sweet (Elijah)"
Lido says:
"Thank you for adding me as a contact, and also your kind words. It's nice to know I have a friend (downunder)"
Gail E. Cooper says:
"Thank you very much, AnyaGarcia. May you have a most blessed day and continued positive exchanges on Yedda."
GIGI says:
"Anya, Have A Beautiful Day! GIGI"
GIGI says:
"Anya, Thank You! You are a Very Beautiful Girl, and So Kind. I Like your Answers Also. Very Intelligent.Thank You for The Compliment! GIGI"
Pat D says:
"Thanks for the kind words, Anya...I have been around for a while and so have an opinion on just about everything; some wrong, some right, and who knows about others!...I would be interested an "Aussie" point of view on many of them, so please feel free to respond, challenge or support, at any time."
rochester says:
"Thank you. Isn't there a Rochester in Australia? I enjoy reading you answers as well."
lavlav says:
"Since I have been living with diabetes for many years I try to share my experiences with others and help as many people as possible. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask, but keep in mind I do not have a medical background. "
Rattler says:
"Thank you Anya for your kind words and encouragement. Wish you success in all you do."
Joe Guest says:
"Thanks for your kind words Anya Garcia and I will be around on Yedda so I"ll look for you and I'm sure you'll see w one of my post. I'll be waiting to hear from . Love!"
InnerGold says:
"Thank you Anya for your compliments. We really appreciate it and wish you the best in all that you do."
AShoofly says:
"AnyaGarcia, Thank you for the compliment. Welcome to yedda my friend. Hope you enjoy being a freedom fighter too!! The truth will always prevail."
Ranger says:
"Anya, Thanks for making me a contact. Your a very sweet sounding person. See you around. "
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Anya... I appreciate the kind words and am enjoying your posts as well...I look forward to being on some threads together in the future! Stick around!"
n says:
"Thanks so much Anya for the nice compliment. It is so heartwarming to hear that one's words are being read and appreciated. njoy"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Thank you Anya. You brightened my day. What a sweet young lady you are. I look forward to reading your comments. Anna Sparky's Mom "
ddavel544 says:
"Anya, Thank ya for the compliment. you cute babes in Australia...:)"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Thank You for the compliment Anya.We are trying to spread the truth.Watch out for the Stalkers.Stay true to your beliefs"
Dawg says:
"Hi Anya. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I get a lot of flak from those who want the truth to be suppressed. It's nice to get some good feedback now and then. Hope you have a wonderful day.. =o)"
dogie momma says:
"Thanks again Anya. Sounds very much like a book I'll be looking for now! You're such a sweet young lady to take the time to give such nice compliments to strangers - and beautiful too judging from your picture! I've started reading some of your postings and am very impressed with your vast range of knowledge. It's taken me 56 years to gather mine! lol"
dogie momma says:
"Thank you so much Anya for such kind words. I've had pets all my life; I believe that animals are extentions of the greater power, all who are kind and just with them are also to Him. I am a dog breeder but very selective in who is lucky enough to be able to buy one of my puppies. All my dogs live and sleep in my house every night with me. True family extentions-with fur. LOL Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement."
mysticmama333 says:
"hey thanks for the compliment i appreciate it. i try to be honest as possible just as i'd want sumone to be with me. thanks again."
freedomlover says:
"Anya, I want to thank you for the compliment. Also, from what I can see you are a smart woman especially since you think I am smart. Just kidding! I don't know a lot about you, but I am sure I will be able to judge you better as I see more of your posts."
OronD says:
"Hi Anya, I am so glad (really !) to see you after you "dissapeared" from Yedda. You contributed so much and all loved you (I can remember you were "the Yeddaist of the month" and all of a suden you dissapeared.... Welcome back. I am sure all who knew you are glad that you are back. Hope you are OK and things are VERY well with you. You are a smart woman !. "