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Sue: Women are NOT counseled to "learn in silence with full submissiveness". In fact, there is not a single instance of the word "submissiveness" in the Christian Bible: http://www ...

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Yeddar, Thank you for confirming that you're not a true Christian. Someone like yourself would not be allowed to as much as set a foot churches that I attend. 2 Cor 6:14 Dixon

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The idiot also posts his satanic, homosexualist garbage on fundamental forums: ...

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Read the Bible, anonymous coward! Jesus called sinners children of the devil and vipers. And Catholics are not Christians, and unless they convert to Christianity, they will go to hell together with ...

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Utter rubbish by laudian. We do know most of who goes to hell--the Bible tells us!

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Matthew 12:30 Repent, satanist!

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Read the Bible, heathen! If you are one of the Elect, you will find all the answers there. Matthew 12:30

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"Lady"E is a lying anti-Christian. The Christian Bible has only two occurrences of the word "slave": Rev 18:13 and Jeremiah 2:14 . In fact, the later makes a distinction between a slave and a ...

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From the Christian Bible, as opposed to the satanic (Catholick) bible that the satanist posted above: Eph 6:5-6 Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear ...

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BobSuffolk admitted to being gay on a baptist forum: His post been quoted, so he can't go back and change what he wrote!


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"Thank you for the warning, Dixon. I'll be sure to just ignore that individual."