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Asked: How do i check if citrix receiver is installed ...

how do i check if citrix receiver is installed properly

Asked: Where to sell sports collectibles in Central NJ

where to sell sports collectibles in Central NJ

Answered: Sponge Bob Character

Patrick is the best character by far,

Asked: Elementary teacher needs a job

What areas in the U.S. have a shortage of Elementary school teachers? Are there any teaching jobs that supply housing?

Asked: Companies that hire educators

What other jobs are available for those with teaching degrees? Other than teaching jobs, of course.

Answered: Favorite AI Audition Moment

That is an easy question. Pants on the ground is a run away winner so far.

Answered: Dual league play soccer

Select players should not play rec. They would dominate the game, plus they could pick up bad habits with the sloppy play. It's not fair to the rec. players either because it is making the game very ...

Answered: What are your thoughts on the new american idol ...

I like her. She's pretty, has a great voice, and she is very knowledgable. She is the most qualified of the four. Her and Simon are the best two.

Answered: Jim Rice Worthy of Hall of Fame?

Jim Rice should certainly be in the Hall. He was a premiere power hitter for many years.


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