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Professional Engineer has been performing investgative and design engineering for building in the mechanical (Heating and Cooling), Plumbing, and Electrical areas for over 40 years.  His knowledge of these systems is extensive and comes from education (bachelors and masters degrees) plus hands-on fabrication and installation of the equipment.  A masters degree in environmental engineering covers many aspects of environmental science.

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Do you know trig? If so each flat is 33" and the hypotenus of the triangles forming the 4our corner pieces would also be 33". Using that you can solve for the total size of the octogon.

Answered: Is there any instrument which can directly measure ...

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The water in the pipes lose heat quickly so you need to run the hot water awhile until the cold water is drained from the pipe. The pump circulates water through the pipes so it is always hot. It ...


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