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Religion does not unite Americans, who have become too lax even about God. It is the Precepts of All Religions that are ideal. Our Nation has lost even a sense of Morality ...

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Correction II: "Dr Kelly" and "MikeC" both are spreading False Allegations and Hatred of Islam. All True Religions and USA, And Online TOS forbid Defamations, and False Bias against Any ...

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Correction: "Dr Kelly", not MikeC, although they are probably the same person.

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Your description of Islam is exact opposite of Islam, MikeC. Islam IS respecting, helping others, except when the 'visitors' are Armed, and hate Islam. We have No Business being ...

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And why ignore that it was Pres. Obama's Wife And Daughters travel, not 'daughter' alone? Wives of Presidents Famously Travel internationally, in widelly Internationally media covered ...

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But how did the egg happen? Besides, scientists know Life on earth began with single celled amoeba, etc, which never laid Any eggs. Must All be The Work of God. NO other ...

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Don't know what type "they" you talking about. Normal people are highly offended by dirty 'street talk', for your information. Maybe you weren't taught, as kid either. There ...

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"Judge Ye Not lest Ye be judged in the same Eye". Calling anyone stupid shows one's own stupidity, and lack of education and concern. Always Help, never Hurt anyone; Christ and ...

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rocmike uses several False Names, sn's too: Pattern of Liar/Hater.

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rocmike has been posting FALSE hatreds for years. He should be Banned: <Liar, Hater of Truth.


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"You hate me bitterly. I'm not a traitor. I earned my American Birthright. Pity you never will."