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Do not worry about tomorrow, God is already there.
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I live in a metropolitan city.  I have many friends and contacts to many different fields of information.  I had to take a medical retirement due to an automobile accident I had that almost took my life.  I worked for 31 years with children that had been abused, neglected and were able to be adopted.  Later in my career I worked 20 of those years with behavior disordered teenagers.  That work was very stressful but work that I loved because we had so many successes turning the lives around for teenagers.  During those twenty years much different from all of my co-workers and my supervisor (a supervisor from heaven) I was never threatened or treated adversely by any of our patients.  All of our patients lived at the hospital I worked and most of them thought of me as a substitute mother.  I treated them back with love and respect.  I don't have much time for computer enjoyment because I am married to a Lieutenant on the local police department who has an addiction to computer games when he comes home.  I also have a 21 year old daughter who is also addicted to the computer games and that leaves me to do everything behind two people who do nothing at home.......enough about that i don't want to waste my time complaining about something that will not change.  I am very happily married and have a great daughter who wants to get her Doctorate Degree Educational Technology in which she would instruct teachers in the application of new electronics which they can apply to their classrooms.  I enjoy watching movies preferably at home.  I love my time at home and frequently stay up after everyone is in bed to enjoy the quietness and serenity of the night.  I enjoy frequently signing on to Yedda.  I have asked a few questions but I mostly answer questions and try to help people if I am able to.  I like another person I saw on Yedda answer the good questions with good answers, the poor ones with poor answers, the stupid ones with stupid answers like he does.  When I am stressed out it relieves my stress to answer the stupid ones and I laugh at their questions almost as much as I do my answers.  I have a constant companion, a pomeranian dog who is at my foot at all times when I am in the house.  At the computer he is at my foot and sometimes we discuss the answers to questions together LOL LOL!!

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Answered: What money is retired social security people ...

The amount of your social security check depends on how much money you have paid into social security. Bugsy

Answered: Does organo coffee cause low platelets

Oregano is a leafy herb which is commonly used in italian foods. It is also used in many high blood pressure medications causing a reduction in the blood platelets and therefore lowering blood ...

Answered: Which state has the best fair?

I am not sure which state has but the best fair, but here in Georgia we would have a very nice fair if it was not so humid. So, when the weather report is fair it really is so humid it is unbearable ...

Answered: In Illinois what rights does a woman have when ...

I worked for DFCS in the state of Georgia. It really depends on the reason your children were removed from your home. Bugsy

Answered: How much are my baseball stuff worth?

If you have a bat that belonged to Mickey Mantel is is work millions.

Answered: What does blessed are they who hunger and thirst ...

It means they are searching for the correct spelling of righteousness.

Answered: What does blessed are they who hunger and thirst ...

It means they are searching for the correct spelling of righteousness.

Answered: Have you read any good books lately?

I have recently started reading a book concerning people asking dumb questions and have begun a study of those people, can I use you as a specimen?

Answered: Where is Nahor, Rebekah's birthplace?

If I am not mistakened she was born in the same area Obamma was born.

Answered: Best Dressed at The CMA Awards

There was no question about it or competition, Katherine Heigle was the most stunning.



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