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Asked: AIM 7

file transfer between windows and MAC OS is not consistent for AIM 7.3




Stpalligrl says:
"You fixed it!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!"
janiessm says:
"Thank you so much dude :)"
mkrome says:
""AOLMailAnandh", Thanks. Thanks for helping me to solve the issue."
judissimon says:
""Thx for your help""
DeePixie says:
"Thanks for responding!"
the kid says:
"Thank You so much for your help."
Martha O'Donnell says:
"AOLMailAnandh, Thanks. Your advice worked. It's pretty easy once you know how to do it, but if you don't, it's not obvious. Thanks for taking the time to enlighten me."
chvshfx says:
"Appreciate your time and attention to my concern."
karlyefunding says:
""Thank you soooooo much""
mchlkate says:
"Thank you so much for helping me to solve the issue :)"
mkrome says:
"thank you sooo much for the solution :)"
schmarks23 says:
""Thank you so much. Working fine now.""
micomusarra says:
"this error Imap happens on Micomusarra and also mcmlanddesign"
janie says:
"Type your compliment here."
Marita Karina says:
"thanks for your help, but had kept my e-mails since last year no problem, new ones and read ones, never before did they disapear, thanks again"
mmar6270 says:
"thank you for trying to help was very kind of you to respond so fast...somehow just could not fix it messages still in the quick view...will have to wait it out i guess...and i will try your recomendation again...thankyou so much once again!"