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"The one word I will have you mark out of your dictionary and thesaurus is, impossible."
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I teach creative and technical writing for South Sound Writers Consortium.  SSWC trains budding and professional authors, who hope to polish their writing skills. 

Professional Member, American Writers' Fellowship. 

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Unfortunately, our one token Democrat seems to have discluded the illustrations and pertinent facts from my answer therefore it is necessary to bring the facts out in an answer to my question. At ...

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Does it matter who was the first? It matters only that we are counted among the saved, does it not? I, for one, encourage all to find out how special they are in the eyes of the Lord.

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Norm, our neosocialist government is an unsettling and vilent throwback to the worst of Stalin and Hitler. A ruthless despot from Kenya wins our highest office with a rigged and unfair election ...

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Bob Suffolk and Rock Mike, I have heard "Imagine" also. The bitter sarcasm in Lennon's tone is still sickening. He hated Christ with a bitter passion. What good can anyone do with so mean and ...

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Bobo, Stalin did not jest when he had the Soviet Government purge the natin of all Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all other non-atheists. The Urals and the Ukraine are dotted with ruins of Gulag ...

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Arron, do not confuse religion with faith. Atheism is a religion whose doctrine is pure apostasy and hate. Is that faith? Faith in Christ and obedience to His will gives us a conscience that ...

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Betty, what could you lose by living a life of honesty and decency? The only thing you could lose is a conscience that gives no one any peace. A clean conscience does not accuse us. That is not ...

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Alena, we find our way back home by Divine Guidance. That still small voice that gives you God's instruction minute by minute. A Scripture will come to mind, and that is what to do. When you do as ...

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Chaplain John, you cause me to wonder why others will not listen to you. I keep hearing that, "Religion os the opiate of the masses." Perhaps Marx thought that freedom from pain meant that one ...

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All nations that inflicted atheism on the people also inflicted horrible suffering. Atheists argue by force, never by honest conduct. If I die a martyr, then I have the last laugh. What good can ...


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