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Asked: Blondes or brunnets???

Do men prefer blondes or brunnets more??? Ive always thought i should color dye my light brown brunnet hair into the bright blondie color , just to see if im right... What do you guys?Girls think ...


I would love to here your opinion, yep opinion.. Not really answers to any question '' what eye colors the most beautiful to you green? Mine are beautiful greens and im voteing for green! Blue ...

Answered: my mom has blue eyes , and my father has brown ...

Tracy simply because god has given you a gift!! Jesus himself had green eyes! Also did you know tracy that your amoung the very very rare breed of people out there whom have the pleasure to sport ...

Answered: Do cucumbers really works on ur eyes?

Like heaven hunny! Especially if youve had a longgg ass night, with a bad hangover the next day and have those racoon looking eyes, use them! They refresh your lil pores on the face and the sensitve ...

Asked: Twitter twitter twitter, whats soo great about ...

Whats so great about twitter and twittering??? And should i join it ??? I dont see the fasinastion, so convince me please... I just dont get it.

Answered: Tv show poll

(#1) the coolest show of all time is the '' a team '' lol dont laugh (#2) the next on my list has to be the simpsons!!!!!! they rock! (#3)the last but not least on my list has to be ADAMS FAMILY

Asked: Mesa granda rez getting casion???

when is mesa grande indian reservation getting its tribal casion???? does anyone know?



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