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"There are two ways of spreading light; one to be the candle or the mirror that refects it"

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Asked: Dating or Committed to a Sociopath?

Has anyone, especially women, dated a sociopath? What have you noticed are their most deceptive qualities besides being a very cunning, clever and pathological liar?

Asked: I need answers.....

I was in a "monogamous " relationship, told that He was in love with me, met the parents and planned a life together. The last words I heard were, "I love you" just like every night over the phone ...



OronD says:
"Katie, you are a brave smart honest woman. I like it !. Keep on, never stop !. "
94meetze says:
"KatieT is a super gal! Kudo's to her. She is on target with much of her advice in her areas. She is having problems adding contacts. Can someone help her? meetze94 aka distantwings"