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If God does not believe in atheists, then do atheists not exist?
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Ba, Loyola, 1963. Ll.D., Fuller Seminary 1970.  Served 1971-2005 US Navy, Chaplain/Naval Aviator.  Two tours Vietnam, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom.  A-4 duty on CV-63 Kittyhawk 1974-1975.  Retired as Captain, USN, 10 May 2005. 



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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

I have heard Catholics who condemned the following: Avarice. A business that operates unscrupulously or in dubious wares is unfit to stay in business. These include brothels, drug peddlers, hard ...

Answered: Something bit me at work last week. When I took ...

This is a new one for me. There are numerous varieties of Stigmata (very well documented) but this bite is decidedly odd. I suggest that you: 1. Get it treated. 2. Show a picture of the actual ...

Commented: About Jim's answer

Who could say that God did not put life all over the Mutiverse just as He did here? More to the point, who could rationally imply that it would take the same form as that on this planet? Christians ...

Commented: About Jim's answer

No sane person has ever bought any of the ever changing atheist myths. Does it matter what atheists say, knowing that there is no truth in it? In Jesus' Name, I bid you peace.

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Has atheism ever done one good thing? It is a cult of denial that absolutely lacks critical thought hence atheists become mindless proles who by rote do the bidding of evildoers. I highly ...

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Physicalist, as there is no truth to anything you have ever said, then what you say goes by without any effect whatsoever except to show that you are still completely wrong. Atheist brainwashing ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Anonymous, faith and love are merely two aspects of the same Divine gift. One is impossible without the other, just as life is impossible without inspiration. "Show me your faith without works ...

Answered: Why does Easter fall on a different day each year?

Easter falls on the first Sunday, after the first Full Moon, in Spring. Spring Equinox always falls on March 21, and then we wait until we have a Full Moon, which can be as much as a month later ...

Answered: What should the US government do about Syria?

In that I do not have access to State Department summaries and all the records that would comprise an Executive briefing, it would be out of line to speak. Never act without considering the full ...

Answered: I'm planning on converting to Catholicism...

There would be no detractor to joining the Catholic Church. I have many good friends in the Church and they are well happy with it. The reason to join a Church is that you have spiritual needs and ...



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Morgan says:
"Thank you dear Chaplin for your kind words to me. I am working hard to chisel away the rough stuff. Lady Darko"
Bob Suffolk says:
"Chaplain, you are one of the best respected people on ALOA. I don't know how you can endure the games of atheists but you have overcome them very well."
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"Chgaplain John, were I a "pure mystic" I would find your words offensive. However, as I have also felt the love of Christ and the wisdom of God, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost, I find your words most encouraging! It seems that God has use for anyone who will use their talents for good."
Dr. Kelly says:
"Brilliant work, Chaplain. We seldom agree on theology but philosophically, we could be brothers. I look forward to many more engaging conversations!"
pilgrimwb says:
"Thank you for your answers that cut through the fog of ethereal theological reflection. I wish we lived close by, so we could enjoy a cup of coffee together and "hold court on the world" (i.e., enjoy a rich conversation together)."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Sir, something about you is very sweet and kind it seems, and you have a very funny side, so thought that you needed some space filled, and I am an A F Brat, born into Military, whole family, all Branches"... "Sweet Gypsey" "
IamQweenBee says:
"Happy Father's Day"
Woldeyesus says:
"Thank you very much for helping me to simplify the question by eliminating the LEAST COMMON FACTORS ("inspiration and fairness") and focusing only on the HIGHEST COMMON FACTOR of "destiny". I look forward to more of your comments. GBY. "