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If God does not believe in atheists, then do atheists not exist?
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Ba, Loyola, 1963. Ll.D., Fuller Seminary 1970.  Served 1971-2005 US Navy, Chaplain/Naval Aviator.  Two tours Vietnam, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom.  A-4 duty on CV-63 Kittyhawk 1974-1975.  Retired as Captain, USN, 10 May 2005. 



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Commented: About Pooch's answer

I would not question the motive of a woman who had reconstructive surgery done. I have good reason to question the motive of a man who pays such hideous fees to make himself appear female.

Commented: About Chaplain John's answer

Hi, Gretchen, beauty does indeed come from the spirit. If the person lives such a lie that he pays a very high price to a completely unethical plastic surgeon to change his appearance to that of the ...

Commented: About Chaplain John's answer

I can't help but notice the fact that atheists always utterly fail to answer questions that go beyond their extremist brainwashing. Therefore Physicalist-Crank failed again as atheists must always ...

Commented: About Chaplain John's answer

Thank you for admitting your criminal complicity in utter violence whether it be in Mafia hits, atheist death camps, or Muslim child suicide bombing attacks. There is no difference as you have so ...

Commented: About Carl's answer

Carl, the opposite is the actual case to the chagrin of radical Muslims like Physicalist. He vascillates between genocidal atrheism and genocidal Islam but the common denominator is that either cult ...

Answered: How come Chistianity borrows so heavily from ...

It is clear that Physicalist posed this ridiculous question to support radical Islam. Others support radical Islam by more devious means. That includes children abducted by radical Muslims, drugged ...

Answered: Oh, the irony!

It is in the heart of all human beings that we make honest inquiry of where we came from, why we are here, and where we will go. That comes fro rational thought. Atheists make a stubborn point to ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Physicalist is all that you say of him and considerably worse. I cannot think of when I have ever met a more obnoxious or cynical individual and believe me I have met some of the worst. The thing ...

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Has it not always been so? It is not an easy thing to have this hunger, this thirst, but when we are so ...



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Morgan says:
"Thank you dear Chaplin for your kind words to me. I am working hard to chisel away the rough stuff. Lady Darko"
Bob Suffolk says:
"Chaplain, you are one of the best respected people on ALOA. I don't know how you can endure the games of atheists but you have overcome them very well."
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"Chgaplain John, were I a "pure mystic" I would find your words offensive. However, as I have also felt the love of Christ and the wisdom of God, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost, I find your words most encouraging! It seems that God has use for anyone who will use their talents for good."
Dr. Kelly says:
"Brilliant work, Chaplain. We seldom agree on theology but philosophically, we could be brothers. I look forward to many more engaging conversations!"
pilgrimwb says:
"Thank you for your answers that cut through the fog of ethereal theological reflection. I wish we lived close by, so we could enjoy a cup of coffee together and "hold court on the world" (i.e., enjoy a rich conversation together)."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Sir, something about you is very sweet and kind it seems, and you have a very funny side, so thought that you needed some space filled, and I am an A F Brat, born into Military, whole family, all Branches"... "Sweet Gypsey" "
IamQweenBee says:
"Happy Father's Day"
Woldeyesus says:
"Thank you very much for helping me to simplify the question by eliminating the LEAST COMMON FACTORS ("inspiration and fairness") and focusing only on the HIGHEST COMMON FACTOR of "destiny". I look forward to more of your comments. GBY. "