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Answered: Repotting orchids

The main reason people suggest not using too large a pot is that there can be less airflow to the roots: it retains more water and the potting mix can get soggy. Clay pots allow more airflow than ...

Answered: Blue orchids sold were said to have gotten ...

There's no such thing as a blue orchid , so the plants are almost certainly dyed. If the plant reblooms, it will not be blue. I've sometimes seen Phalaenopsis dyed blue, and they rebloom either ...

Answered: Easy to grow orchids?

This page lists lots of types of orchids, and indicates which are recommended for beginners: Types of Orchids . The site also has a lot of information on how to grow orchids.

Answered: How to care for a blue diamond orchids?

There's no such thing as a blue orchid , so I'm not sure what type of orchid a "blue diamond orchid" is... sounds like some sort of marketing name. You might want to look at my website's general ...

Answered: Orchids

Fluorescent lights are very unlikely to cause sunburn in orchids. The light simply isn't intense enough at any one spot, because it's spread over the entire surface area of the bulb. Some orchids ...

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