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Into film, Quebec culture, real-time videography, music, and history.

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Answered: Http:// i typed this in to ...

Go to Facebook, and sign in like you usually do. In the upper right corner, click on "Account" and a drop-down box will come down. Click on "Account Settings". You'll have a page that says "My ...

Answered: How to take pic's from email and post on craigs ...

To post pictures online, they must be in your computer's Pictures file. Download the pictures from your email and save them with a name you will remember, in a picture file you will easily find. Then ...

Asked: Is global warming a real problem

Is global warming a real concern? Intuitively, after a summer of record heat waves, one would think it is true. But I have read conflicting reports about whether we should really all be going crazy ...

Answered: POLL Question,.. pLease advice

Lara Denise. It's easier to spell and modern.

Answered: How to illustrate the word subtle?

If you do something that is almost unnoticeable and it is noticed, it is because it's a subtle change. "She gave a flick of her hair in his direction, and the subtle motion indicated that she was ...

Answered: How to cancel a sent email?

Charlie's right. However....if you use gmail, you can adjust the settings to give yourself about 30 seconds to "undo" the sending if you realize at the last moment that you don't want to send it. In ...

Answered: An adult lullaby

Thanks, Mrs. Kisses, that is a beautiful version of the song.

Answered: Dell Inspiron 1525 ac adapter

This has happened to me twice with different brand computers. The first thing I would do, is to look online on the Dell website. If your computer is less than one year old, or under warranty, phone ...

Answered: First tree to shed leaves in autumn

Where I live, in Canada, it is always the maple trees that change colours and then shed their leaves, some as early as August, depending on how cool the summer is and how wet.



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"Hey Sam... just wanted to say hi. You seem like a cool person that I enjoy reading what you have to say. "
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"Yo' Sam, Thanks for the word back, glad you enjoyed them (elton john:B&theJ's) as much as I enjoyed compiling them. Oh, and welcome to yedda.. Keep in touch."