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Answered: Where do you get most of your political opinions?

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity,Glen Beck,Fox News,Bill O"Reilly,and I form my own opinions.

Answered: What happened exactly 40 years ago at Heathrow ...

747"s first commerical flight or the million kisses?

Answered: I cant get any fire to the fuel pump on my 1995 ...

if you know the fuse and relay are good, you must have a broken wire in the you have fire 12 volts at fuse? check with test you have 12 volts and a ground at relay?

Answered: How to toast pecons or walnuts

dip them in cooking oil drain all oil put in cast iron skillet,roast in oven to your taste.

Answered: Toilet drains slowly

try a plumbers snake,you can get one at home depot or lowes.

Answered: Food question

jkgrandma is right you would have to add dumplings at the end.if you cook the dumplings with a lid,they will fall apart,or turn to know you can tear up canned biscuits for the dumpings after ...

Answered: What is a flood savage car mean

it is a flood salvage car,a car that has been flooded,totaled by insurance can only get a salavge title.

Answered: Can salmonm croqits recepty

cut up 1 small onion,cut up 1 small bell pepper,add salt,pepper,mix all together add enough corn meal,or flour just to hold patties together,put a little cooking oil in pan and fry.

Answered: How to repair Toyota Avalon 2000

sounds like mabay your intake is leaking (sucking air in were it should"t) to lean to much air.



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