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Answered: What happens after first yoga session? I felt ...

No it is not due to yoga or if it is then you must not have done it properly. For yoga it is very important that it is performed under capable guidance.

Answered: Kundalini yoga

kundalini yoga is a way energize body chackra.

Answered: Health

There are books available in different topics. If you would search a book online for a specific problem you would get better results.

Answered: Does your spouse snore?

When sleep deprived wives complain to their husbands for their snoring they get nothing but an abundance of negative comments. Snorer hardly ever know that he snores even when his snore shakes and ...

Answered: Acne skincare

You should consult a dermatologist and not try anything without consultation.

Answered: Which skin care is better for dry skin chanel or ...

I believe moisturizer does most of skin care job. Apply moisturizer after every wash. Drink water and do meditation for 10 minutes daily.

Answered: How to make hair grow

Its difficult question to answer but it is said that white rum is very effective to grow hair long.

Answered: What are the symptoms of sleep disorder ?

The most common sign that you may be experiencing a variety of known sleep disorders is when you cannot function normally at work or at any place where your effectiveness is needed. Sleeping ...

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