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I am a Basque person whose ancestors have been on the American Continent since before the American Revolution. My ancestors were brought to this land as "loyal subjects of the king of Spain to tend his flocks." We lived at peace with the indiginous First Native Peoples of Turtle Island until the white settlers declared war upon its inhabitants. As of this writing we still do like at Peace with out Red Hosts.

Upon finally figuring out that the forced language of the new hoarde was bloody English we declred war on the British only to fall victims also of English Colonialism. I did not understand English(or write it)until I was nine years of age. Since that time I have made many friends of all races. I still distrust the British and their new representatives in current Amerian government.

I do not support or defend The United States of America Inc. due to their disrespect to a constitution and a bill of rights that only protects and defends its own faction of law breakers. This country has belonged to God before it was stolen by the greed of pople who would rather polute it than respect it.

I have a great respect and regard for the enviorment. I Love the country but highly distrust its government representatives.

I strongly believe in the Principles of Liberty and will continue to support the Republic and not this new democracy that sends a quality of character that entirely violates the basic principles of  honorable service to all people equally. God to me is what Danial Webster described it. "The eternal fountainhead of principle and virtue." Without Principle one cannot have Virtue.

I have been listed as an enemy of the state by the color of authority and will continue to oppose this neuvo riech faction of people who are politically motivated to serve the agenda of greed and contemptforthe people that have shed blood and life to protect this country from all enemies. The real enemies of this day are the military-Industrial Complex and the selfish but sly public officers who pretend to be servants of the Constitution and The Bill of Rights only to be discovered to be polititions.

I am a hippie, not a yuppie. I see that Peace needs nurturing and support from all vigilant peoples. We who witness our own self-elected, appointed and violent offenders continue to scew-up the real system of order will continue to obey the Supreme Law of the Land and continue to resist this criminal conspiracy that is the Domestic Enemy defined by proclaimation from the Founding Fathers of America.

I note that a faction of citizens have entrenched themselves into the public domain and have taken to redefining mandated law to suit their own ends. This is unacceptable, unlawful and totally without moral grounds. I will continue to report and resist this criminal conspiracy defined in Title 18, Chapter 13, subsections 241 and 242 of the USGA Codified Sections until such time that the indivduals and corporations responsible for these war crimes against the peoples of America and the Peoples of the Earth are brought before intenational authorities in the Wold Court at the Hauge, Netherlands.

I am an individual sworn by duty, oath and obligation to the real unadulterated Contitution of America who has been(and is being subjected to torture by my own government officials due to the fact that I know who, where and why they are misrepresenting real governmant service to all People equally. I am a native son and a Forteenth Amendment citizen of the USA who continues to oppose the worings of the Color of Law in all sectors of sevive government.

I am now also a Citizen of The Earth and to this end I am and will always be a Mundalized Citizen of the Planet Earth. I have many brothers and sisters of many races who feel the same way and we will continue to work at recovering our inheritance from these corporate criminas and their government cronies. I am an individual who is vigilant upon my rights, priveliges and immunities.

ENDSealed I AM: E Pluribus Unum. 

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