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Graphic designer by profession. Non-religious Christ follower by heart. Old Macintosh Geezer by choice.

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Answered: Does the bible say that, GOD will restore back to ...

Hi, Cee Cee. I have been studying the bible for over 40 years now and in my experience I have never run across a scripture exactly like you are mentioning. The closest scripture I know to what you are ...

Answered: Disciplining my 4 year old for stealing from me

Hi, Shanley. I am a contract counselor for a local psychotherapy firm in my area, however my specialty is in helping parents of rebellious teenagers, so I can't offer any help for you. But more ...

Answered: Public acces to a Church Finantial Statement

While not govermentally regulated, churches that are spiritually healthy always have an open records policy. As someone who has experienced financial bullying by a church and pastor, I can tell you to ...

Commented: About ovelky's answer

You are right, Jerry. Growing into His likeness is what God expects. Nevertheless, the human condition is still the same, the challenges are still the same, and more important, the answer for every ...

Answered: Christian's

"Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8

Answered: Where in the bible can I find a prayer to become a ...

As far as I know (and I have been studying the bible for over 40 years) a prayer for church membership is not in the bible. However, some churches do have a declaration of faith. As a Protestant, in ...

Answered: Religion

If you believe Christianity came from paganism, then you probably believe in the Easter Bunny, as well (which is definitely has pagan origins.) The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a ...

Answered: Kairos 1984 Mini-pub ---- I am looking for ...

Hi, Hugh . . . I would also suggest a book by C.S. Lewis titled "A Grief Observed." Lewis wrote this book right after he lost his wife, Joy, to cancer.

Commented: About Nathan's answer

Good suggestion, Nathan! =)



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