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The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring
About Yadja:

Dedicated to the continuation of the United States of America as those who fought for our Independence.  Those who created a document called the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  Those who thought deep, hard, long, toiled and feared for our future, those who sought to keep the States Soveriegn and America free.

Now we are facing the most evil of Administrations, with the most evil of inventions to bring down everything we hold dear.  Now we are facing a devil incarnate with the thoughts of Stalin, Linen, Chavez, Castro, Hitler and every evil force that has shown it's ugly face upon the world.  All in one place, America. 

Now is the hour for all brave men/women to step up to the bat and hit these lowlifes out of the Whitehouse.


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Answered: Fraud

You will have to ask an International lawyer that question.

Answered: Can cps tap your phone?

They are capable of almost anything to get a conviction.

Answered: Black lives matter!

Give it a frikken break you dumbass if Black lives mattered their women would not be prostituted, they would not kill one another, they would not deal drugs, they would not have Gangster Rap that ...

Answered: Hold cops accountable!

Hold O and Holder an Sharpton accountable for bringing about the worst Race Relations in years. Hold O and Holder responsible for breaking our Federal Immigration laws.

Answered: If there is no justice there will be no peace!

Get off it there will be only a Civil War thanks to Al and O. You want peace where the hell have Blacks been for over 100 years that they have been freed and given and given and given? No ...

Answered: Is Water Boarding Torture

Did the perpetrators live to tell about it? Then it is not torture. Do any of the captives of or enemies live to tell about it? I thinks not. Personally if taken by these barbarians I ...

Commented: About Yadja's answer

That is a really little prick they are pumping like the little minds on this site now.

Commented: About Yadja's answer

AC OK Google pictures of villages destroyed by O's Drone strikes. BBC does documentary and interviews with those hit by O's Drone strikes. Drone attack survivors take their stories to ...


Brother Bill says:
"Kick ass, take names, and don't take too many names"
Serenity says:
"Due to reasonable persons like you, America has defeated the Democrats, restored the civil government after the threatened Democrat party shut-down, and kept order in a humane way. It was inevitable, but you made it happen quicker and easier. This is good news for everyone."
American Values says:
"Your posts are quite logical and right to the point."
hobwabhob says:
"I see greatness in some of your words. Delete that leftist dogma and your genius will come out in full potency. One cannot compromise with mediocrity and still achieve greatness. Rise up to the standards of conservatives and your name will live forever!"
Harry says:
"You chaps in America have leftists as we do, and yours seem as disagreeable as do ours. Fortunately, leftists are easily ignored, as they never say anything of merit. You have flies and midges over on your side of the pond as we do here, so we're very much alike in most regards."
Stanley Pembroke says:
"It is good to see rational wisdom on AOL Answers. Leftist nonsense could have rendered it useless, but sense and decency always win out over leftist indoctrination."
Bob Suffolk says:
"It is always encuraging to see your sentiments on AOL Answers. You have always spoken the truth. It takes a daring spirit to continue to tell the truth, but that daring spirit is never an outcast."
Fred Guenther says:
"Your words are quite encouraging. It is good to see someone with a rational point of view!"
Harley Spirit says:
"Thanks for the high five Darko Babe. ((Huggers)) Looks to me like you learned one thing us bikers take for granted. Live every day like it was your last, and when the time comes there ain't any thing you got to be sorry for."
Harley Spirit says:
"Yo, darko Babe. I got you on Tadpole. You got the truth and I am just glad you got the moxy to tell it. Don't let up on these leftist bird brains now they are running in fear. I never seen such a racist before as that Tadpole fool. She always posts anonymous but that is her. No body else goes down that far. Good to see you got my back in this fight and I got yours. Shoot like you meant it and leave the creeps for the law."
usmc1862 says:
"Uraah-get-em girl"
Stanley Pembroke says:
"Sensible answers in nonsensical times gives us at least the knowledge that there are some who know the way. "
Harry says:
"Forgive that I am a newcomer to AOL Answers. I have seen your words posted all over the site. You have a truly useful message: that there is always hope regardless how hopeless things may seem. We have much to treasure in America. If we don't preserve it and conserve the best in each other, then who shall?"
Harley Spirit says:
"Every thing you say makes good sense. Look at things from the American point of view and see how we get along with other nations. Obatty done us wrong every way he could and now we pay the worst price any body could figure out. If that ain't evil at work, then what is it?"
David Palmer Jr. says:
"The horrible setbacks of the last three years are all the fault of Obama and his delusional followers. They have a rude awakening due this November. Mitt Romney held his first rally and everyone who attended was wildly enthusiastic, except for those outside who spread hatred, lies, and racism against Romney. If Obama and Company are down to such childish malice, then do they stand a prayer . . . except with Neo-Nazis?"
The Unknown Philosopher says:
"It is always a pleasure to share your thoughts. Ther is true genius in much of what you post, although I might at times want to take issue."
fletcherba234 says:
"Take the initiative, time your ops, plan your logistics, assure that your equipment is in flight ready status, assure your intel is up to time, fire for effect and take no prisonsers. I like that!"
Tweekey says:
"you can be frightening at times but i see wisdom in your words these are frightening times i am glad that you have become the mistress of the times rather than the victim with a shredded sense of worth"
Mike Dudley says:
"I enjoy your posts. You make a lot of sense."
Bill Compton says:
"Once again I find your words sensible, compassionate, and to-the-point. With such as yourself still around there is much we can do to correct our present stack of miseries. It is only a question of determination. I see a groundswell of that coming from all around, and it is all to the good."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"America has one distinction that is unique in world history: we can correct ourselves. Let's hope that we have the wisdom to correct that wretched mess we were handed in 2008 this time around. If we don't then we deserve to split apart as Obama has repeatedly threatened."
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"There is justice in you, Lady Darko. I also see compassion and kindness. These qualities are rare these days but they once made the world a better place. With your good example and kind admonition we will bring back these graces."
Tweekey says:
"your words are always lovely and lively lady darko"
Serenity says:
""Faith, love, and charity abide, but the greatest of these is love." Love of God, homeland, community, and family, make any life harmonious and happy. If you can be moved to tears by a pristine forest desecrated with piles of garbage, you love the land. If you love it enough to organize a cleaning party, you love it enough to move mountains. Love makes all good things possible, and hate poisons the very soul."
ritaforlove says:
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Wise words from a wise and beautiful lady make this site worth touring. There is deep thought here, and most have great hope to contribute. There are a few psychotics here as well but every banquet attracts a few flies."
Tweekey says:
"thank you for the kind words it is nice to read all these lovely people there are some creeps too but i ignore them you post great wisdom i take it to heart"
LadyE says:
"LadyDarkoE -- God uses everyone. He will use me because He gives me grace, He will use you when the situation demands an "in your face attitude"."
Harley Spirit says:
"Good to see old fashioned friendliness and common sense ain't gone away! I still got that great big bear hug for you and a tap for your man! You are welcome here any time!"
LadyE says:
"LadyDarkoE -- Just want to say thank you for your service as a nurse to all men and women in the military."
Humble says:
"You are very encouraging. This world has some nasty people in it. I am glad that you have not let them defile you with their hatred and their games. Keep up the good work. "
fletcherba234 says:
"It is good to see some decency, truth, and common sense on AOLA still. That makes AOLA worth reading. "
Serenity says:
"Wisdom spoken boldly is never amiss. I have the tendency to speak more boldly than I should, but faith in The Eternal makes the believer a force to be reckoned with. "
LadyE says:
"LadyDarkoE -- You are not afraid to say what is on your mind. I admire you for that. Love your answers!"
Ollie says:
"It is good to see rational people still posting here. The better we think the happier our lives will be. Here is to the resumption of faith, reason, and wisdom! With you around it will be much easier for the New Renaissance to take effect!"
Paul Wittenberg Jr says:
"I read some of Rocmike's posts, but his list of compliments tell the man's true character. He is gone but not forgotten. You will be remembered kindly and often also. The dead may be thought silent but if their words carry a potent meaning they survive who spoke them."
Paul Wittenberg Jr says:
"There is a great fund of wisdom in your words. I hope that we all take pause to think through what you have been saying and apply this sage wisdom. I know that I shall."
Bill Compton says:
"It is always good to see your insightful questions, answers, and comments. Always direct and to the point, you have a way of making the truthleap out of the screen."
stressed says:
"Thank U Lady Darko. We only have each other. That is enough. Life, love, and freedom R worth the sacrifice."
Rick Barnett says:
"It is good to see that there are still some of us who understand the value of common sense and common decency! Life is too short to waste it on hard feelings. It is very good to see that you have none."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Lady Darko, alas we Marines are tough on our kids. I remember how much my sons and daughters hated to get up at o-dark-thirty and join the old man for a jog, but you know, it kept us healthy. It is good to see some commonsense still with us. With you around we have a chance."
Reginald Harper says:
"Thank you for your kind words, Lady Darko. There is still hope for America as long as honest people speak up. If we ever become a nation of complacent leftists then there won't be much reason to go on."
Rick Barnett says:
"You make sense Lady Darko E. I read some of your stuff. It looks like you know what you are talkig about and have a heart of gold!"
stressed says:
"Your words R aways positive. Chicken Soup for MY soul. Always glad 2 see kindness. U make this place better for everyone."
Leagle says:
"Thank you for your very kind compliment. Would that I were worthy of such high praise, but I consider it an honor to make the attempt. Your wisdom and good cheer have been a great inspiration. Your words have power. I find great comfort in that."
Ollie says:
"Every post you make is encouraging. Good old fashioned positive thinking made the world great years ago. We have a dark and bitter present but there is no reason we can't find that old fashioned American drive again and bring ourselves out of the rotten situation we have now. Your words will make that improvement much easier."
Dennis Newman says:
"You seem wise and a fun person. The combination is rare and most welcome. Your words are very encouraging."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"It is good to see your posts on AOLA. You always make the best of good sense, and that makes the difference. Having good sense may terrify leftists, swindlers, and fools, but that is only appropriate. These people should not be afraid of you and me. They should emulate your wise and proven example."
Reginald Harper says:
"Seeing your words on screen is a great assurance: that there is still sense and decency in this mixed-up world. The best and brightest will always shine, attract unwanted attention from antisocial grumblers, and have a witty reply to send them away limping. That is most encouraging indeed!"
Bee says:
"Thank you.."
Serenity says:
"Your posts are most enlivening and encouraging, Lady Darko E. There is the power of healing in your words. There is truth and solace in your thoughts. God is made manifest in the ways of kindly persons, who will not be swayed by cheap or obnoxious persons. Peace profound!"
Chaplain John says:
"Bless you for your faith, LDE! Faith and insight unravel the most difficult riddles. You are well on the way and on schedule. God grant you peace, love, and cheer all your days!"
deeladybug says:
"God is my healer......even brought me back to life in jan...2011....only God knows when we are going home so tommorow or 4 years from now when my grandaught has all her college degrees in the medical field....take care and God bless...dee"
deeladybug says:
"Hey you...Long time us no see each other with talk....I have been sick again...Whats new huh...I just live with it being happy that i am still here......Your like your name..."LADY"...Stay as nice as you are !!!!!! God bless dee"
Dina Bakshuri says:
"Lady always tell truth. make me sure of self! I free of Islam now. Love of God make it so. Love of God show in you!"
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"Herbs from the garden bring us health. Others see weeds, but I see wild plants that will feed us and keep us well! "
CyberToothTiger says:
"Thank you for adding me as your contact I hope your doing good! Please stop by anytime that you would like:)"
Southern 7162 says:
"LDE, someone told me I am the last of the true Amazons. I enjoy this!"
Mark 'n Starla Trania says:
"Lady Darko, every time I read your stuff you prove to me that there are still some decent people in this crazy mixed up world! Keep on keeping on!"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"happy 4Th of out for the crocodiles"
Dina Bakshuri says:
"Lady D you say good thing. Your message kind and true. Love of god is real. Love make good thing better."
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Thanks for the compliment LadyDarko"
buckeye says:
"I make it a point to read what you have to say. Too bad those who make decisions for us aren't straight talkers."
Pickles says:
"Lady D you keep testing my brain and I thank you for that. you are one smart lady."
Pickles says:
"Lady Hradarse Darko, I just love it. you are here to enlighten the those of us that are blind. jerome and Chris. "
Pickles says:
"Thank you lady darko, i can't express how greatful i am to you"
Dr. Kelly says:
"Thank you for your kind words. You have a real spirit alive in you, that will never fail you. It is most reassuring to read your wise words on AOLAnswers."
n says:
"Thanks for the compliment LadyD. I like your honest answers."
Chris says:
"A Lady with a Darkside, who doesn't like that!! Your passion and knowledge are always a pleasure to read and enlightening."
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Happy Saint Patty's day"
stressed says:
"Your words = comfort. Better advice than U know. Glad I could say something you like. End the world's hatred w/ God's Love."
harryvan says:
"I am honored that you have selected me to be one of your contacts. I often feel that I am fighting an uphill battle to preserve the values that made our country great and our mutual support is essential. "
Hodag says:
"You're dynamite, Lady. We have our disdain for the Pres and his gang in common. Thanks and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours."
harryvan says:
"Your intelligent analysis of Palin is on target and we also share our dislike for Obama."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Don't ever think that I will not be there to stop you, my Strong Warrior, we have much more to go.." "Always, Your Gypsey" "
lawbug says:
"Thank You as i call it as i see it some may agree and some disagree. You have great answers to questions."
Bob Suffolk says:
"Lady Darko, your presence on AOL Answers is reassuring and comforting. You have made it clear that decent people will always have the best of ourselves in common. So may it always be!"
jake.brown says:
"Love your answers!"
hemplover says:
"Hey there LadyDarko... you seem really awesome and I love what you have to say here :) Thanks for being around. "
LeeAnn says:
"i have read some of your answers and I can see you are very good at what you do. Thank you for believeing in America! OO Rah! yes USMC. 3rd div. 4th attachment. 70 thru 76 Vietnam Thank you for your su[[ort. Its always good to find others who still believe in this great nation!"
iloveisrael25 says:
"I loved your answer about Gilad Shalit. I wish Israel could get him back by force! I have spoken with a lot of friends in Israel and they have said that the reason they have not tried force because it's possible that where Gilad is, he is probably surrounded by explosives that even if soldiers could find him, by the time they'd reach him, he'd be dead. It makes me so angry. I mean, it's been over 5 years since he was taken!! I cannot imagine what kind of psychological damage has been done during this time. I only hope Gilad will forgive Israel and the democratic world for not doing more to secure his release. There is not one day that passes that I don't pray for him. I hope more people would do the same."
harry says:
"LadyDarko Eugenie' please keep up the good works. Even the Muslims will thank you for your resolve. As you know, only in weakened organism does Islam become a virulent disease. A mosque at Ground Zero is not only a bad joke it is a monument to the glory of terror. "
RayRay says:
"LadyDarko, Like your dedication to the America way. Keep the Red, White and Blue flying."
AShoofly says:
"LadyDarko E, Thank you for the nice compliment and the contact add on. See you around AOLAnswer."
CyberToothTiger says:
"Thank you for adding me to your contacts , How you been? Hows things going on your end? Thank You , Undetaker"
Rocmike3 says:
"Lady Darko, I always find your posts a source of encouragement. With more people like you around, there is no problem we cannot overcome. Bless you and yours!"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Lady Darko, Thanks for your kind words. I know you will reallY clean house when you get to the White House! LADY DARKO FOR PRESIDENT! YEAH!!!!!!!"
Hodag says:
"Hey Lady D. I'm always interested in your posts. You cut right to the chase, and sometimes, righ to the bone. It's great. Keep on keepin' on."
Kathy says:
"Thank you so much Lady. I speak my mind and believe if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything as well as ANYONE HAS THEIR DAMN RIGHT TO BE WRONG including me."
ddavel544 says:
"... Thank You LadyDarko, Love your very wise answers. And any friend of Sweet a friend of mine."
MikeC says:
"Peace and love be with you. Former Vet. Live like there is no tomarrow. And God bless you !"
richard says:
"Thanks a lot for yiur confidance in me Lady darko, don't let anybody say you ain't got it. your a well heeled and fighting lady of the warrior type when the shit hits the fan,they will know who was directing that fan.(~ : )"
~Jada~ says:
"Thank you Lady Darko for your kind words. Keep up the good fight...and watch out for wolves..."
fern says:
"Even when others criticize you I hope you'll keep on saying what you think."
freedomlover says:
"LadyDarko, I just happened to read your post about Political Correctness. Right off the bat I can see that you don't pull any punches. That's good. Keep up the good work. I don't know a whole lot about you, but you seem concerned and genuine."
Full Time Patriot says:
"Happy Mothers Day.."
Full Time Patriot says:
"LadyDarko, Good to have you on our side. Keep the faith the americian people finally woke up. November will be here very shortly. Live Free"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Lady Darko. I just wanted to say hi and to tell you that I think you're really a quality person here on Yedda. I enjoy reading what you write. I hope you have a great day."
Sparky's Mom says:
"Lady Darko, I love reading your posts. I am not into politics, but you certainly have a way with words. You tell it like it is. You are a smart lady, whether people agree with you are not. Keep posting, and I will keep reading. Anna Sparky's Mom "
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"LadyDarko, all of my hope comes from knowing that soon you will be safe and back in the states and you know that my prayers are always with you and yours, Bless you all. The sun on your faces, and the wind at your backs. Gypsey"