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Conservation: Paying more and getting less.
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Answered: Why radio has too much static or interference ...

If you mean your car radio, you coujd have a bad spark plug wire.

Answered: How to block incoming phone number in a cell ...

Ask your wireless service if they offer call block.

Answered: Car stereo works for AM and FM but the speaker on ...

The problem is going to be inside the stero. You'll have to take it to someplace that repairs electronics.

Answered: Where do i go to find cheap cars?

If you buy a "cheap" car, you can be assured something is wrong with it. You get what you pay for.

Answered: What is the routing for coolant through the heater ...

It doesn't matter which way the coolant flows through the heater core.

Answered: I took my Volvo to get serviced because my car ...

That's the problem with buying a car like a Volvo. Not enough of them are sold in this country to make aftermarket parts for them profitable, so even if you take it to an independent mechanic most ...

Commented: About lawdy's answer

Save money. When the bar gets too small to use, it gets thrown away. Two small bars results in two pieces being thrown away, one large bar results in one. That's why the family size bar was ...

Asked: Bath soap.

Does any company make a MAN sized bar of bath soap?

Asked: TV and DVD volume

Am I the only person that feels that the sound effects and background noise is about 10 times louder than it needs to be? I find when watching a TV program or a DVD that I have to be constantly ...


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