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Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?
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Retired medical physicist, wounded in Monrovia Liberia during the "recent unpleasantness."


Here I am with "Wilbur," named after the porcine protagonist of "Charlotte's Web," mostly because of his appetite once I got him and his brother "Fritz" home.

They are a bit larger now . . ..

I believe I have found those lost records of Barrack Obama's brain scan . . . it was dificult to find.  Or did the hospital confuse those of Homer Simpson?   Or does that grant Homer Simpson excessive intelligence?


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Commented: About Chef Michael's answer

Chef Michael, there is no reason to allow dfrogpong to chase you away. There is genius in your words and you have shown uncommon wisdom. Will you stay if we can silence the least respected loser on ...

Commented: About Dr. Kelly's answer

Thank you for admitting defeat again, dfrogpong. I have only rarely met anyone as bitter and easily derided as you, but something had to be on the absolute bottom. I'm glad to know that everyone ...

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Chef Michael, no one can understand anything as irrational and bitter as dfrogpong. She has at least 200 screen names, all of which are irrational, extremist, and abrasive. Consequently, all her ...

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Oddly enough, Tadpole, we were talking about you and your abrasive alter egos, not the wise persons who have discredited everything you believe in. Is there a good enough excuse for your extremist ...

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I assure you, Mexicans can think for themselves. Only those illegally in this nation wish to support Obama.

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Have you seen what happened to your medical care since Obama cut it back? When you read about the crucial services that are no longer available to you -- because they are now rationed to the ...

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Actually, there is a more despicable insult. Obama demands to cut medical care for citizens, AND give illegal aliens voting rights, AND give illegal aliens better medical care than we get. I ...

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Family support of an addicted person is one of the necessary 12 steps back to normal function in society. Remission of drug addiction is impossible without it, but as with all needed efforts, the ...

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Piercings rarely cause the tongue to become severely discolored. However, if the piercing has been plated in rhodium there is a possibility of a localized (and severe) allergic reaction which can ...

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Women don't have the same causes of incontinence men suffer. I hate to use that disgusting "C" word (catheter) but that is the last resort with some varieties of urinary incontinence. In some cases ...

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pilgrimwb says:
"Thank you for your encouragement. Being a little more left-brained than some, I have not yet felt heaven's limitation on loving God with all one's mind as well as heart."
Morgan says:
"Sincerely enjoying your questions and answers. Good to have such a one of such a mind among us. Lady Darko"
Michele Mallonee says:
"Dr. Kelly, I so appreciate your getting back with me on this issue. Un- fortunately America better wake up & very soon. We are too hung up on being Politically correct & no offending anybody that we are turning a blind eye or imply burying our heads in the sand hoping it will go away, this isn't the Islam of old, this is RADICAL. God bless you in your endeavors, you have a great site!"
Michele Mallonee says:
"Thank you Dr. Kelly for answering my question. I am an administrator of a site on FB that is trying to deal with Muslim extremists & the Third Jihad they have declared against the world. The world better wake uo fast! For many have no idea what is coming & it will make 9/11 look mild in comparison. Thank you again. Bette Henry"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""You came out of no where, but as if you are so much part of our past, and that I like. Glad that you did"... "Sweet Gypsey""
finabiscotti says:
"Great comments - and great questions posed. A person to follow for good insight into today's events - and a wide range of subjects. "
finabiscotti says:
"Proud American - good-hearted - always has good advice - and wisdom."