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The best thing to do is to return any shipments to the company that sent them. Call the company and explain the situation, as the items are purchased on stolen credit cards. I have requested a copy of ...

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After reading through everything, I have decided that I will contact the company that shipped my first package and return it to them. I am glad that I was unable to mail this to Russia! I would hate ...

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I went to the Post Office and went through everything, and the Postage Label I printed would not work. So, I came home and called Celina and left a message and sent a message through the Employee ...

Answered: Does anyone know about this U.S. Multipack Courier ...

Hello, Please see this link for updates on US Multipack Courier There are a ...

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I have the same Manager Celina Kaminski and today, I logged in and my first package is due by UPS today. I too am hoping that this is real and not a scam.

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I just logged into the shipping account and apparently my first package has been shipped and is due to arrive today by UPS.

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I am currently awaiting my first assignment with them. I have all of my instructions and login information for the tracking system.

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I have found that Manuel Pecina owns two Businesses, and they use the same address.

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I will update this, as I go along with this. I really hope this is not a scam of some sort.

Answered: U.S. Multipack Courier Is this an honest and ...

I am wanting to know the same thing, as I have applied and been accepted as a "Remote Employee" I am doing research to find out if they are legitimate. I received the information about my Remote ...

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