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I am blessed by our Lord on a continued basis. It is hard for me to believe that our Christian God has been so bountiful over the years relative to the material wealth that He has bestowed upon me. He mounds this wealth upon me ad infinitum to where I can't give it away fast enough as our Lord Jesus commanded (Luke 18:22). I have accepted this burden and bear it with pride in the name of the Lord. Since this wealth was evidenced early on, some of my friends concluded that it can only be the work of the Lord Jesus, and that He is trying to tell me something. Therefore, I became a true Christian and have given this earthly life to Him 24/7/365.


I remain ever thankful for His bounty in the way of exploding bank accounts, private aircraft, beach, city, and mountain retreats, and an array of fine automobiles that even a Camel Jockey Sheik of Saudia Arabia would be jealous. The Lord Jesus has also bestowed upon my acquaintance many beautiful women for me to save at my Greyhound Bus Station and Silver State Ministries. On occasion, I also proselytize at various California nudist camps, weather permitting, although as a real Christian I do not go there fully nude. God certainly does work in mysterious ways! It occurred to me that since I have been so blessed by our Lord Jesus, I should spread the word of our Christian God to others. The Internet and web sites like Yedda is the perfect venue for this endeavor. Thus I go online to spread the Real Gospel of Christ to the heathen and cultural Christian. I only hope that my time on God's green earth is well spent in spreading the experience and joy of accepting Jesus the Christ as ones personal Savior. Amen.

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Doggie's Mom, how sad of you to continue to embarrass yourself relative to your promotion of bestiality!

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DOGGIE'S MOM, WHY ARE YOU MAKING SUCH A FOOL OF YOURSELF? Doggie's Mom, we can all see who the unhappy one here. Nobody can doubt that the T-man is quite content with his life, and is never shy of ...

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DOGGIE'S MOM, WHAT A GODLY ADVICE YOU JUST GAVE TO KID! Doggie's Mom, why didn't you figure out earlier that you can just ignore, or as you put it, to wit, "don't pay any attention", to the T-man ...

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DOGGIE'S MOM, WE CAN ALL SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR ROUSE! Go and run along now. Take you cohorts joke of a grandma, kid, rabid, etc., with you. Ok? Ok! Off you go, T-man

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RABID, WHAT AN APROPOS MONIKER! Are you a pennycostal? Brother Tony

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QueenBee, Yes, you are correct, praise!

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DOGGIE'S MOM, SO YOU PRACTICALLY ADMIT TO NOT BEING A TRUE CHRISTIAN! Doggie's Mom, don't worry the T-man understands, and will let you save face relative to that little slip where you claimed to be ...

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SPARKYS, OMG, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! SPARKY'S DUMBFOUNDED QUOTE: I am a true Christian. BROTHER T'S GODLY ENLIGHTENED RESPONSE: Sparkys, do you realize that you just stepped into ...

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Retarded joke of a grandmother, who asked you?


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