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Answered: Assessing the President

Simple: Read my bumper sticker: "you cannot fix stupid".

Answered: Who says what we learn isn't imprinted on atoms to ...

Physics 101. Thanks. We, as a nation, need to step back and look at what we teach. We teach to much candy arse crap that gets one nowhere. MY HS had 45 minute periods, no study halls, no gym and an ...

Answered: What is the celsius of75 fahernheit

23.89 C. Save the calculator to a flash drive and us it. It converts a lots of math and other stuff.

Answered: What is the celsius of75 fahernheit

Download the Microsoft converter

Answered: Who says what we learn isn't imprinted on atoms to ...

1. Humans do not pass "atoms". The only thing passed is DNA from the two parents. We do pass the ABILITY to be more or less intelligent than other humanoids but that is an unproven theory. Practice ...

Answered: What are leaders of the government in the ...

The town with the name probably have a mayor, I doubt if the tribe has recovered enough to have a true Chief, probably just a bunch of Indian wannabees, ...

Answered: Assessing the President

I will Sweet G and drive a bus load. Last election I personally saw a woman vote TWICE, only to be told when I objected that it was meaningless. NO more of this BS. No Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or ...

Answered: How many liters is 5 lbs of flour

How many liters in one pound of lead? Trying to pull a fast one are ye? A lb. is a measure of weight whereas a liter is a measure of volume... Some of us attended the old school!


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