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Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?
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Retired medical physicist, wounded in Monrovia Liberia during the "recent unpleasantness."


Here I am with "Wilbur," named after the porcine protagonist of "Charlotte's Web," mostly because of his appetite once I got him and his brother "Fritz" home.

They are a bit larger now . . ..

I believe I have found those lost records of Barrack Obama's brain scan . . . it was dificult to find.  Or did the hospital confuse those of Homer Simpson?   Or does that grant Homer Simpson excessive intelligence?


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Commented: About Bill Compton's answer

If I don't miss the message, might we deduce that Democrats are as crooked and racist as they ever were?

Commented: About MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC's answer

I would say so, Top Renner. As long as Tadpole continues proving that she, Barrack Obama, Bill Ayres, and their "Occupier" paramilitary extremists are as angry and violent as Hitler and his evil mob ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Thank you, Tadpole, for proving again that yu are a bitter and degenerate old racist who sides with all things neo-Nazi, including Barrack Obama, Bill Ayres, and their Weathermen cult. You people ...

Commented: About Dr. Kelly's answer

Here is the Nazi emblem so that there can be no question about Bill Ayres, Barrack Obama, and the Weathermen. These are insignia from Hitler's SS-Waffen divisions, including those that ran the ...

Answered: Obama and the Weathermen: an ongoing affair ...

Obama's longstanding alliance with extremist left wing paramilitary factions has long held him in utter discredit. Their violence and absolute bigotry label these losers as the least desired members ...

Answered: Obama's screwup 2,999 of 6,000 ...

Saying that Obama has only committed 6,000 humiliating screwups is far too generous. Obama's staff note that they have taken his hands off the controls completely. If he is re-elected, they will ...

Commented: About JBee's answer

I would have no objection to limiting the costs of medical care -- good God we have to, but it is difficult to do that with the government constanty intruding in all that we do. Obamacare not only ...

Commented: About Terrance Hall's answer

Terrance, your doctor is not the only one to have swooned at the thought of this megalomaniac disaster. I have yet to meet a physician who approved of it -- because it so severely rations medical ...

Answered: What is obmaha health care reform?

Obamacare is without any doubt the least humane, least effective, and most costly, medical disaster that could have been invented. Obamacare RATIONS health care. If you are not part of the power ...

Answered: Which wrinkle cream contains the best anti aging ...

The ONLY "anti aging" regimen that works is human growth hormone therapy, sometimes useful before geriatric patients undergo surgery. It is risky and controversial, even when discussed in team ...

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pilgrimwb says:
"Thank you for your encouragement. Being a little more left-brained than some, I have not yet felt heaven's limitation on loving God with all one's mind as well as heart."
Morgan says:
"Sincerely enjoying your questions and answers. Good to have such a one of such a mind among us. Lady Darko"
Michele Mallonee says:
"Dr. Kelly, I so appreciate your getting back with me on this issue. Un- fortunately America better wake up & very soon. We are too hung up on being Politically correct & no offending anybody that we are turning a blind eye or imply burying our heads in the sand hoping it will go away, this isn't the Islam of old, this is RADICAL. God bless you in your endeavors, you have a great site!"
Michele Mallonee says:
"Thank you Dr. Kelly for answering my question. I am an administrator of a site on FB that is trying to deal with Muslim extremists & the Third Jihad they have declared against the world. The world better wake uo fast! For many have no idea what is coming & it will make 9/11 look mild in comparison. Thank you again. Bette Henry"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""You came out of no where, but as if you are so much part of our past, and that I like. Glad that you did"... "Sweet Gypsey""
finabiscotti says:
"Great comments - and great questions posed. A person to follow for good insight into today's events - and a wide range of subjects. "
finabiscotti says:
"Proud American - good-hearted - always has good advice - and wisdom."