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Answered: Does Reverend Cooper perform homosexual marriages ...

Being gay himself he has literally performed hundreds.

Answered: When a child dies, do you think God caused it ...

God hates kids. That's why, when they get abducted, even believers are not told by God where they are.

Answered: Can God and Science Co-Exist?

They don't co-exist. Science is real.

Answered: Lost "Jesus of Nazareth requests the honor of your ...

I like a nice roast, but prefer a real one rather than a flight of fancy.

Answered: Did Jesus eat pork or shell fish?

Christianity is one huge porkie.

Answered: Why is Romney acting like he is President?

Because he lives in a fantasy world.

Answered: Can an Atheist be Pro-life ? And if so, based on ...

Can a theist be pro-reason? And if so, based upon what dumb story?

Answered: Jesus Miracle

Penn and Teller did the same trick.

Commented: About Reverend Cooper's answer

Jesus loves stupid people. Without them he'd have no followers.

Answered: What will you do in your moment of awakening?

My awakening came when I realise that religious faith is universally dumb.


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