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Life is a voyage that's homeward bound. –Herman Melville
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I'm a Quaker from childhood, who swam downstream (theologically and historically) about a hundred years, and afterward became a United Methodist. Raised an evangelical, I've been trying ever since to balance my "born again" love for God with an increasing love for others, by involvement in my church and through some personal writings.

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Answered: What are the words in the phrase that was found in ...

Can I buy a vowel? Or maybe just some more details? (Otherwise, this isn't a question; it's a riddle.)

Answered: What is apostasy and are we in it now?

To apostasize is to abandon or renunciate one's religious beliefs. It usually takes a pretty severe area-wide persecution, or nationwide "disappointment" (cf. William Miller in 1844), for apostasy to ...

Answered: Does science show religion to be wrong ...

Religion -- at least Western religion -- is forced to use a language which is double-edged. That is, it must represent the Transcendant in the most accessible of human terms as possible. And -- ever ...

Answered: Know where I can Listen and Read The Living Bible ...

Check out:

Asked: Is Too Much Success Just Another Kind of Failure?

Having re-read the book of Ecclesiastes as an adult, my question is: Which is worse — recognizing the emptiness of a life in which every childhood whim was fulfilled (as was the case of Solomon’s ...

Answered: What apostle creed do the methodists use?

In one sense, there is only one "Apostles Creed." However, in the United Methodist Church, this is only one of several creeds which may be used during the Sunday morning worship service. Besides ...

Commented: About the crazycrazy's answer

While the rapture isn't specifically mentioned in Revelation, some scholars would argue that it’s implied in the wording of the fourth chapter: After this I looked, and there in heaven a door stood ...

Answered: God's in Heaven and all's right with the world

The complete poem, containing your quoted line, is entitled Pippa's Song, written by Robert Browning (1812-1889): The year's at the Spring, And day's at the morn; Morning's at seven; The hillside ...

Answered: What is priest incarnation process for the roman ...

I think your question means to ask "What is [a] priest['s] ordination process...?" I know of only one [High] Priest in history who was incarnated.

Answered: Who inspired Luke In the Bible to write the book ...

The first verses in both the Gospel of Luke and in the Book of Acts (both books which were written by Luke) mention a mysterious personage named “Theophilus.” If this Theophilus was a real person ...




Dr. Kelly says:
"Intellectuals know that there is more to life than getting one's way. If we could convince leftists of that, we would raise their IQ's by five points at least. Smart people know that we must compromise reasonably, leftists are not very smart."
Dr. Kelly says:
"I find your words most reassuring. It may be difficult to find an oasis of reason but you have made it worth slogging through the desert."
Woldeyesus says:
"One can "ascertain that the firsthand knowledge of Christ is satisfied in any individual",including oneself, by comparison of notes based on Christ's perfect and transfigurative death on the cross (Matt. 16: 13-28)!"
Kibbutz says:
"Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your answers. If you ever have any question about Israel, I was a tour guide for a number of years, and would be happy to answer them. "
n says:
"Hello pilgrimwb, I've seen you around Yedda and I like your answers, so I'm adding you to my list of contacts. Keep up the good work!"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi pilgrimwb. How are you today? I just wanted to tell you that I love your answers on Yedda, so thanks for sharing your knowledge. "
Darren says:
"Thanks. I sent the reply before I saw the whole answer. I was trying to find verses that I could let her read in black and white.She could read for herself.(she is kinda hardrd)Thanks, Darren"
heavenboundcarol says:
"Pilgrim, there is no right or wrong answer to this question...I just wanted to know which scripture would be those you left behind if you were only able to leave two of them...Any scripture would have been right because its all His Word...I love the two you left here though !!! God bless you !!! Thank you for answering my question !!!"
m2m says:
"I see you and myself as sheep of the same flock who has sought the Good Shepherd for the deeper fullness of the Holy Spirit and Salvation. I appreciate you. "